Police Department

Register a Bike

The Police Department provides this voluntary bicycle registration program as a community service.

Why register

Should your bicycle ever be stolen, the police department may be able to quickly locate your bicycle's identifying information. This information is not shared outside of law enforcement agencies and is used strictly for tracking stolen property.

Lost or stolen bicycles registered through this program have a much greater chance of being returned to their rightful owners once they are recovered.

How to register your bicycle

The CIty has transitioned its Bike Registry to Bike Index, a non-profit online bike registry with a centralized database that crosses municipal boundaries. If you previously registered your bike with the BPD, it will be merged into the Bike Index registry.

Complete the online bike registration form:

Your bike was stolen, now what

Report your stolen bike online if the theft occurred within city boundaries and you are not reporting an in-progress crime.

Tips on bike theft prevention

  • Always lock your bike, even if you are leaving it for “just a moment"
  • Always lock your bike's frame and wheels
  • Lock your bike even when keeping it in a garage, porch or patio
  • Remove all detachable items like lights, bags and quick release parts (take them with you)
  • Lock your bicycle to a bike rack, or firmly affixed (bolts covered in concrete) parking meter or sign pole-these are the most secure places
  • Buy the most expensive lock you can afford. U-locks are strong and better ones come with theft warranties
  • Only buy a U-lock with a flat or disc key; cylindrical keyed locks are more easily picked

Bike locks 101 - Cable or U-lock?

Cable locks are light, easy to use and offer relatively good security. Cable locks come in a variety of thicknesses from incredibly lightweight retractable locks to 12-millimeter heavy weight cables. The down side of cable locks is that they can easily be cut.

U-locks are made of hardened steel and operate similarly to a smaller Master-type lock. The u-lock should be used to secure the frame and wheel to a stationary object. The u-lock's advantage is that it cannot easily be cut with bolt-cutters, however they are heavy and unwieldy compared to cable locks.



Bike Registration