City of Burlington, Vermont City of Burlington, Vermont
Burlington Police Department
Antonio B. Pomerleau Building, One North Avenue
Phone: 802-658-2704 / Emergency: Dial 911
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Citizen Complaints about Police Conduct

The Burlington Police Department welcomes comments and observations about the performance of our officers. Citizen input improves the quality of policing in our City and provides valuable insights into ways to train our officers better and author better policies.
Citizen Complaints may be made online, by letter, by telephone, or in person. Click here for the written form, which can be delivered to the Police Department, the Mayor's Office, city councilors, or community groups such as the Peace and Justice Center or the Community Justice Center.  These parties will forward the complaint to the Chief of Police.
The most efficient way to make a complaint is likely to be via our online form.  To submit an online complaint click here.  Note that if you submit a complaint anonymously we will not be able to reach you to review the complaint or any actions taken.
Serious complaints, such as criminal misconduct or violations of civil rights, will be referred to an executive investigator working on behalf of the Chief of Police, for a thorough investigation. An on-duty supervisor may investigate more minor complaints, such as allegations of rudeness or improper vehicle operation. In either situation, the complainant will be notified of the disposition, provided he or she has not made the complaint anonymously.
Below are links to brochures, informational resources, and forms to help guide you in the event you need more information or would like to provide feedback.