Occupants are typically temporarily relocated from their units while lead hazard reduction work is being completed. BLP ensures that all occupants are treated fairly and equitably during the relocation process and will coordinate schedules, methods, and payments of costs associated with the relocation of tenants. Please see below, information on the relocation options that BLP provides for tenants:

Relocation     Unit


A 2-bed/1-bath unit in the South End of Burlington (near T.J. Maxx) that tenants can stay in for the duration of the lead hazard reduction work. A $50 Price Chopper gift card will also be provided to occupants who choose this option. Please click here for more information.




If the occupant(s) can stay somewhere else (i.e. a friend or family's place) for the duration of the work, we can provide a $50/day per tenant stipend (with a max. of $1800 per household). We require a  completed W-9 form in order to send stipends to the occupant(s). 



All aspects of relocation will be done in accordance with the Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition Policies Act of 1970 (URA) when applicable. Clearance levels will be met prior to re-occupancy; occupants are not allowed back into their units until clearance has been met. Lead hazard reduction work is expected to take 10 days or less, but this varies depending on the scope of the project. A BLP representative will be in contact with the occupant(s) prior to relocation to discuss the estimated length of the project and occupant relocation options in detail. For more information about the project process from start to finish, please visit our What to Expect page

If you are an occupant who is going to be relocated due to a BLP project, please fill out the Relocation Questionnaire Webform below. If you are an occupant who has already been relocated and would like to send us feedback about the process, please fill out the Occupant Evaluation Form below. 


Relocation Questionnaire Webform   


Occupant Evaluation Form   


Owner-Occupied Relocation                                                             

Owner-occupants going through the Burlington Lead Program are responsible for providing their own relocation needs. If relocation unit is needed, contact BLP for more information.