Mortgage Discharges & Subordinations


Mortgage subordinations allow property owners to access lower interest rate refinancing, shorten the length of the term of the primary mortgage on their property, or obtain home equity loans (as long as these arrangements do not create a situation in which the Burlington Lead Program will not be able to recover its interest in the property). Please review our Subordination Policy before submitting a subordination request.

 Subordination requests should be sent at least 3 weeks prior to closing a loan with any lender. Rush requests (less than 8 business days) must be accompanied by a $50.00 check written to the City of Burlington. Please email the subordination request to Margaret Williams (mwilliams@burlingtonvt.gov) or send it to the following address: 

Burlington Lead Program

 149 Church St. Room 32

 Burlington, VT 05401

To submit a subordination request, please send: 

  • A completed Subordination Request form
  • A commitment letter from each lender
  • A copy of the most recent appraisal of the property 
  • The address you would like for the finished subordination to be sent to 


A Mortgage Discharge will remove the lien that the Burlington Lead Program has on any given property. If a property owner decides to discharge their mortgage, we will first need to determine the percentage of grant and loan forgiveness that they have earned over the course of the forgiveness period. Whatever amount of forgiveness that has not been earned will need to be paid back to the Burlington Lead Program before we can complete the mortgage discharge. 

The loan forgiveness period ends 5 years after the clearance date and the grant forgiveness period ends 3 years after the clearance date. For more details on grant & loan forgiveness, please see our Grant & Loan Forgiveness informational page.