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Public Safety Transformation

Following the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minn., in May 2020, many communities around the nation experienced demands for racial justice and a reckoning with their systems of policing and public safety. This was also true here in Burlington. In June 2020, the Burlington City Council passed a resolution to conduct an operational and functional assessment of the Burlington Police Department. This assessment is now underway.

The goals of the assessment are to help the City's Joint Committee, which is made up of the City Council's Public Safety Committee and the City's Police Commission, develop the following: a recommended list of Burlington Police Department services, a recommendation on policing alternatives to implement, a recommendation for models to identify appropriate staffing levels, and a transition plan for handing off next steps to community stakeholders and City staff.

This page contains more information and resources about the operational and functional assessment of the Burlington Police Department, as well as information about how to share your input.


Public Safety Survey

Hello Beloved Community,


I am so pleased to report that the public safety survey received participation from over 1,754 respondents.

On behalf of the team at Talitha, I want to say thank you for spreading the word within your networks.


What's next? We will embark on data synthesis and analysis for the next three weeks. We intend to present key learnings from the survey along with recommended action steps to the Joint Committee at their next meeting. 


To learn more about the next Joint Committee meeting, please see this calendar: https://www.burlingtonvt.gov/calendar/


Again, we thank you for your partnership




Charis May Hnin | Principal & Chief Strategist

    Public Input

    Background Information

    The City is working with two consultants on this process: Talitha Consults is helping the City conduct robust a public engagement process around this assessment, and the firm CNA is conducting the assessment.


    Final Report:

    A Functional and Operational Assessment of the Burlington Police Department

    Communications with CNA: 

    Key documents related to BPD Assessment:

    Key documents related to public engagement for the BPD Assessment: