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South End

Your Neighborhood, Your Vision!

The South End is 6,439 residents472 businesses with 6,383 workers. It is a much loved part of our community that is characterized by the artsenterprise and innovation

planBTV South End is a community conversation about this dynamic neighborhood! The South End is rapidly growing and changing, as we have seen in the last few years. Since 2014, we've been engaged in a planning process to protect and preserve what is most loved about the South End, while proactively preparing for its continued growth and change.

All are invited to be part of this process to help us find ways to promote and improve economic development, quality urban design, affordable and workforce housing, active transportation and parking management, as well as the quality and capacity of our public infrastructure.


What's New?

A robust, arts-inspired community engagement process culminated in the release of the DRAFT planBTV South End in June of 2015. You can download the June 2015 DRAFT PLAN here (careful, its a BIG file!), and if you missed the plan release party, you can watch the presentation on CCTV Channel 17. You can review copies of the plan in the Department of Planning & Zoning (149 Church Street), Department of Public Works (645 Pine Street), Fletcher Free Library and the SEABA Offices (404 Pine Street). 

The draft planBTV South End was available for the community to review and provide comment on through October 1, 2015. These comments, as well as other community-wide conversations about the plan, have led the Planning Commission's work to review the draft plan and recommend changes to the city staff and consulting team. Most significantly, the Planning Commission asked staff to work on a rewrite of the draft plan's framework, to focus on preserving and enhancing the South End's experiences, and the housing element, to remove recommendations about permitting housing in the Enterprise Zone. 

The Long Range Planning Committee, staff and the consulting team, along with the continued input of South End stakeholders have been working to identify changes and incorporate them into the Draft Plan. The Long Range Planning Committee (LRPC) has been meeting regularly since November to discuss the plan's elements and provide direction on how they should be updated. It is anticipated that this input will lead to a revised draft of planBTV South End that will be shared with the community in the late spring or early summer of 2016. 

Stay tuned to the ongoing work to update the draft plan!  

Check out the Get Involved page for more details about the LRPC's work, or follow us: 



planBTV South End Study Area

planBTV South End is a plan for all of the South End-- the area of our city bounded by Maple Street, S. Union St./Shelburne Rd., and the southern City boundary. However, much of the South End is healthy, attractive residential areas flanking the neighborhood's geographic and iconic center-- the Enterprise Zoning District. Many of the South End's opportunities and challenges stem from the preservation and enhancement of this district. Therefore, the Enterprise Zone has been identified as the plan's "focus area," and many of the Draft planBTV South End recommendations address this district. 



Things you don't want to miss!

To navigate through the wealth of information on this website, use the links in the top left corner of the page. We've organized this information so that you can easily find information about the planning and community engagement process, ways to stay involved, and a whole host of plans and studies that are tied to planBTV South End. To get you started, we thought you might be interested in the following links: 

  • The Project Library/Related Documents page is a comprehensive resource of community input, background studies, and other project resources. 
  • We've set up the planBTV Arts website to showcase the arts-based engagement activities led by South End artists during the planning process. 
  • Check out our PHOTO GALLERY! If you missed prior events, visit the gallery to learn more about what happened and see what others had to say.


For questions related to this project, please contact Meagan Tuttle, Comprehensive Planner at OR 865-7193.

PlanBTV South End is funded in part by a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts with additional support from the Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission, AARP, the Environmental Protection Agency, the State of Vermont Department of Housing and Community Development, and Burton.