City Planning

Parks, Recreation, Waterfront Master Plan

The city's first comprehensive parks and recreation plan.

The 2015 Burlington Parks, Recreation & Waterfront Master Plan seeks to honor and enhance the role of Burlington's parks spaces and recreation programming within the City and the region. The plan creates an achievable set of actions to guide the parks system into the future, and is intended to help the BPRW department maintan its assets, strive for sustainability, and set design aspirations to create better social spaces for Burlington. The planning process resulted in the development of seven unique themes, and the plan's recommendations for the next 10 years are organized by these principles:

  • People: recognizing culture, community & partnerships
  • Wellness: enhancing recreation opportunities & programming
  • Connection: linking people to parks
  • Stewardship: protecting & preserving our environment
  • Community: creating inclusive social spaces
  • Service: streamlining operations
  • Impact: motivating the economy


Check out the plan

Full plan, adopted October 2015: Burlington Parks, Recreation & Waterfront Master Plan

Plan Summary and Initial Implementation Plan: BPRW Plan Summary October 2015

Implementing the plan began before it was adopted.

When the BPRW plan was adopted by the City Council in 2015, more than a dozen of the plan's strategic initiatives had already been completed. And this plan has been actively utilized as the roadmap to guide improvements to a number of the City's social spaces both large and small ever since. In addition to countless projects in neighborhood parks around the city, some of the notable improvements include the completion of the A_Dog Skatepark, the reconstruction and realignment of much of the Burlington Greenway, the acquisition Texaco Beach and the land connecting it to North Avenue, implementing new parks signage, and the creation of CORE at the Old North End Community Center.

Check out BPRW's blog for regular updates about improvements to and activities within the city's parks and recreation facilities. 


For more information about planning in Burlington, contact Principal Planner, Charles Dillard at For specific information about BPRW activities and park planning projects, contact Parks Comprehensive Planner, Sophie Sauve at