Low Water Pressure

There are several reasons why the water pressure in your home might have suddenly become low.  Please review the most common explanations:

  • Does your house have a galvanized service line? These pipes experience build up over time (tuberculation) and eventually severely restrict the flow of water to and through your home.  Please contact Customer Service at  863-4501 to schedule a free appointment to assess your pipe condition.
  • Have you recently been working in the basement by the water meter? Sometimes the valve on your meter can be nudged or bumped and this will restrict flow. Please be sure it is wide open to restore proper flow!
  • Do you have a pressure reducing valve?  High PSI can wear on appliances and you may have installed a pressure reducing valve to help combat this.  Please double check the setting to ensure it's not too low. 
  • Have you confirmed if our Field Service crews are in your neighborhood?  We are often doing routine maintenance (or emergency repairs) in the City and this may cause low pressure.  Please check in with Customer Service to see where our crews are today. 
  • Have you noticed a Fire Sprinkler company in your neighborhood?  You may have a neighbor having work done on their sprinkler system and companies are required to notify us. Please review our Fire Protection Notifications to see if someone is working nearby.