Low Water Pressure

There are several reasons why the water pressure in your home might be low.  Please review the most common explanations and learn what you can do to solve the problem. 

Does your house have a galvanized water service line?

Galvanized pipes experience build up over time (tuberculation) and eventually severely restrict the flow of water to and through your home.  If you're unsure what kind of pipe you have, please review our guide that will walk you through how to identify the material.  If  your home has a galvanized water service then we encourage you to consider a replacement before it becomes compromised. You can obtain a free estimate by scheduling an appointment for us to visit the property and take needed measurements.  Please contact Customer Care at 863-4501 to choose a time that works for you.   

Have you recently been doing internal plumbing work?

Be sure the shut off valve after your meter was turned back on fully to restore proper flow.   

Do you have a pressure reducing valve?  

High PSI can wear on appliances and you may have installed a pressure reducing valve to help combat this.  If the PRV is improperly adjusted, or has failed, you may experience pressure loss or even no water.  Please consult a licensed plumber to evaluate the condition of your PRV and determine if it is affecting your water pressure. 

Do you have a water filtration system after your meter? 

Filters require maintenance.  If your filter is not properly cleaned and maintained according to the manufacturer's guideline then it won't perform optimally.  This may include causes a reduction in your water pressure.      

Is the water pressure only low in one area of the home?

This indicates a problem at that specific fixture.  Remove any filters, faucet screens (aerators) or showerheads to inspect for blockages.  It is best practice to clean them thoroughly before re-installing. You should also ensure that all valves feeding that fixture are fully open and operational. 

Have you confirmed whether any work is being done in your neighborhood?

We are often doing routine maintenance or emergency repairs within the City and that work may cause low pressure.  Please contact Customer Care at 863-4501 to see where our Distribution team is working today.

Hydrant flushing happens every year from April to September and this causes low pressure when we are operating the hydrants closest to your home.  You can find out where we are and follow our progress by visiting Hydrant Flushing.

Buildings with private fire protection need to have those systems maintained.  You may have a neighbor having work done on their sprinkler system which can cause low pressure in the surrounding area.  Fire Sprinkler Companies are required to notify us of planned work and you can review known work locations by visiting Fire Protection Notifications.