The Clerk/Treasurer’s office will be closing at 1pm on Monday, March 2nd for election preparation and early voting will end at that time.
Voted ballots may be dropped off at City Hall until 4:30pm on Monday, March 2nd
All City Offices will be Closed on Tuesday for the Annual City & Statewide Primary Elections; Recycling will be picked up
Voting on Tuesday, March 3 will take place at your polling place from 7am to 7pm. Visit for more information.

Department of Public Works

Fire Protection Notifications

Fire protection is vitally important for the safety of our community.  Periodically, those fire suppression systems require repair, maintenance or routine testing.  This type of work can temporarily disrupt the water pressure and/or discolor the water and all businesses doing work in Burlington are required to fill out a Fire Protection Notification form.  This ensures that both Burlington Water Resources and nearby property owners are aware of the potential disturbance to the distribution system. 1

2/12/20 Industrial Parkway

2/12/20 Oak Street

1/31/20 Pearl Street

1/28/20 South Prospect Street

1/20/20-1/24/20 UVMMC

1/8/20 Pearl Street (Burlington Health & Rehab)

1/6/20 North Willard Street

12/17/19 Battery Street

12/16/19 Cherry Street (Courtyard Marriott)

12/10/19 Pine Street

11/26/19 Main Street (Hilton Garden Inn)

11/14/19 Flynn Avenue (Booska Movers)

11/11/19 Main Street

11/7/19 Spear Street (Gutterson)

11/1/19 Spear Street (Gutterson)

10/30/19 Flynn Avenue (Switchback)

10/28/19 Spear Street (Gutterson)

10/25/19 Spear Street (Gutterson)

10/25/19 St Paul St (Hinds Loft)

10/24/19 Pearl Street (Papa John's)

10/24/19 Church Street (Homeport)

10/23/19 Bank Street

10/22/19 COB Flow Tests (South End)

10/21/19-10/25/19 Colchester Avenue (UVMMC)

10/17/19 Prospect St (UHC)

10/14/19 Cherry Street (CCTA)

10/11/19 Austin Drive (Pool World)

10/8/19 Spear Street (Gutterson)

10/7/19 Flynn Avenue (Switchback)

10/2/19 2 Flynn Avenue

10/2/19 108 Cherry Street

10/1/19 32 Cherry Street

9/27/19 Leddy Park (BFD)

9/24/19-9/26/19 Austin Drive **EXTENDED  thru 9/27/19**

9/23/19 Flynn Avenue

9/17/19 South Winooski Ave

9/16/19 Buell Street

9/16/19 South Prospect St (BCC)

9/5/19 Church Street (Ken's Pizza)

9/4/19 South Winooski Avenue

9/3/19 Cherry Street (Courtyard Marriott)

8/29/19 Rock Point Road 

8/28/19 Lakeside Avenue (Gilbane)

8/21 and 8/22/19 Leddy Park (BFD)

8/15/19 Flynn Ave (VT Hardware)

8/12/19 Shelburne Rd

8/12/19 Main St (Kappa Sigma)

8/7 - 8/8/16 Leddy Park (BFD)

8/7/19 Industrial Pkwy (Rhino)

8/5/19 East Ave (Hope Lodge)

7/25/19 Spear St (PFG)

7/25/19 Prospect St (UHC)

7/24/19 Bank St (Verizon)

7/24/19 College St & Main St (Library & Mem Aud)

7/23/19 Church St (City Hall & BCA)

7/12/19 Bank St (Verizon)

7/10/19 Flynn Ave (Citizen Cider)

7/2/19 Pearl St (Burl Health Rehab)

6/27/19 Cherry St (Marriott)

6/25/19 Industrial Pkwy (CCTA)

6/24/19 Cherry St

6/19/19 Main St (Edmunds)

6/19/19 Archibald St (HO Wheeler)

6/19/19 North St (Lawrence Barnes)

6/19/19 Colchester Ave (School Dept)

6/18/19 Institute Rd (BHA Woodchipper)

6/18/19 Institute Rd (BHA)

6/18/19 Ethan Allen Pkwy (CP Smith)

6/18/19 North Ave (Hunt)

6/18/19 North Ave (Flynn)

6/11/19 Prospect St (UHC Holly Ct)

6/11/19 Prospect St (UHC)

6/11/19 Colchester Ave (UVM Med Ctr)

6/10/19 Church St (Free People)

5/30/19 Leddy Park (BFD)

5/29/19 Flynn Ave

5/29/19 Murray St

5/23/19 Leddy Park (BFD)

5/21/19 Pine St (Curtis Lumber)

5/17/19 Battery St (Hilton)

5/9/19 Leddy Park (BFD)

5/7/19 Leddy Park (BFD)

5/7/19 Church St (Urban Outfitters)

5/6/19 Main St (Hilton Garden)

5/4/19 Cherry St (Zampiri Bldg)


4/19/19 S Prospect St (UHC Campus)

4/18/19 North Ave

4/18/19 Church St

4/15/19 Church St

4/15/19 Archibald St (CED Electric)

4/9-4/10/19 N Winooski Ave, Pearl St, College St

4/9/19 Howard St (The Vaults)

4/8/19 Lake St (Seventh Gen)

4/8/19 Main St

4/3/19 Pearl St (Burl Health & Rehab)

3/11/19 Cherry St (Marriott)

3/8/19 Battery St

2/18/19 Battery St (Hilton)

2/15/19 S Prospect St (Redstone Apts)

2/8/19 S Willard St

2/1/19 Oak St (Boys & Girls Club)

2/1/19 Indsutrial Pkwy (Edlund)

1/24/19 N Willard St

1/21/19 S Winooski Ave

1/21/19 Pearl St (Burl Health & Rehab)

1/11/19 Lakeside Ave