City of Burlington, Vermont

City of Burlington, Vermont

Burlington Police Department
Antonio B. Pomerleau Building, One North Avenue
Phone: 802-658-2704 / Emergency: Dial 911
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Community Academy 2018

Contact: Constance Crisp

Phone: (802) 540-2365



The next Burlington Police Department Community Academy is expected to begin in January of 2019.


The Community Academy will introduce participants to members of their local police department, both civilian and sworn. Participants can expect to be engaged in interactive conversations, as well as participate in scenarios based around actually policing calls. Topics will range from presentations on modern day policing techniques, Burlington’s response to the opiate crisis, criminal and juvenile law, and exposure to the tools of the trade. Participates will also have the opportunity to take on the role of a Burlington Police Officer in scenario based training.


Because the subject matter is tailored to the Burlington Community and its police department, as well as being highly sought after, we are limited to the number of individuals that can participate. Therefore we ask that applicants be current members of our Burlington Community (residents or employers/employees of Burlington business).


Applications can be obtained at the Burlington Police Department, as well as by clicking on the link below.

Completed applications can be sent or delivered to the Burlington Police Department, C/o Constance Crisp.