truED: A new tuition benefit for all City of Burlington employees.

Are you considering going back to school to complete a degree or a professional certificate? The City of Burlington has teamed up with Champlain College to offer significant tuition benefit that will support your continuing education goals. All online degrees and professional certificates are included. Also, your tuition reimbursement benefits can be applied to this program, reducing your cost even more! Please visit the City of Burlington truEd Web Portal at for information regarding program content, enrollment deadlines, contact information etc.

In 2013, Champlain College, launched truED to make a true higher education experience more affordable for adult learners. We are proud to continue offering to our employees access to an affordable education and, after significant feedback from truED students and employers, Champlain College will be making some program improvements that will go into effect in Fall 2016. In addition, Champlain College will be making some incremental pricing adjustments beginning in the fall to ensure truED’s sustainability now and in the future.

Program Improvements - Deep discounts on the standard tuition will continue for truED students, but rather than a flat, monthly subscription charge, students will be billed by credit hour, and only for the classes they take.  This will allow:

  • Clearer documentation for employer tuition reimbursement programs.

  • Flexibility to pay the full tuition amount prior to the start of the semester, or in monthly payments in arrangement with Champlain College – whichever works best for the student.

  • Flexibility in course scheduling. Students who need to add or drop a class will now follow the same policies and procedures as our Champlain College Online standard tuition students, and their bill (and financial aid, if applicable) will adjust upward or downward accordingly.

  • Financial aid to be applied toward directly to the entire semester bill.

  • More expeditious processing of certifying for VA benefits at Champlain College.

Incremental Pricing Adjustments - truED will continue to offer our employees a significant discount, no matter when they start at Champlain College Online. However, for two years tuition will be different for students who start classes prior to Fall 2016 and those who start Fall 2016 or later. Employees who are already part of truED, or who start courses this summer, will benefit from gradual pricing increases phased in through the 2017-2018 academic year. Please click here to view the comparison between standard tuition and truED tuition for the 2016-2017 academic year.

All incoming, NEW truED undergraduate students starting in Fall 2016 will be paying $257 per credit, and all NEW truED Graduate students will pay $398 per credit, for the 2016-2017 academic year. In Fall 2018, all truED students will be paying the same rates: up to 60% off the standard Champlain College Online undergraduate tuition and up to 50% off the Champlain College Online standard graduate tuition.

Graduation Fee - In addition, beginning Fall of 2016, all degree-seeking students (truED and standard tuition) – regardless of when they started at Champlain College Online - will be assessed a $150 graduation fee in their final semester. In line with other colleges and universities, this fee covers the administrative costs associated with a student graduating from Champlain College.

For more information, contact your City of Burlington Human Resources Manager or Toni Finnegan, truED Senior Outreach Coordinator , or (802) 865-5735 .

For details regarding transfer credits, contact Champlain College's admission representatives at 888-269-6523 or