Code Enforcement

Permitting and Inspections

Permitting & Inspections
645 Pine Street, Ste. A
PO Box 849
Burlington, VT  05402-0849

Phone: (802) 863-0442
FAX: (802) 652-4221

Burlington Department of Permitting & Inspections - supporting peaceful enjoyment in a safe environment for Burlington citizens

Primary Services to the public include:

  • Minimum housing code enforcement includes maintaining an annual apartment registry of approximately 10,000 rental dwelling units, billing and collecting rental unit registration fees, inspecting rental housing units, enforcing minimum housing standards, issuing certificates of compliance to landlords, and funding tenant and landlord advocacy services
  • Zoning enforcement includes issuing Notices of Violation, civil tickets and seeking enforcement through the Environmental Court and issuing zoning certificates of occupancy when zoning permits have been fully complied with
  • Vacant building enforcement includes maintaining a registry of vacant buildings and issuing permits for those buildings, inspecting these buildings on at least a quarterly basis and enforcing vacant building standards, and collecting vacant building permit fees
  • Health enforcement includes initiating public health actions as designated deputy health officers and ensuring compliance with thepesticide ordinance

See for links to the ordinances enforced by the Code Enforcement Office.

The office's main responsibility is to enforce the Minimum Housing Ordinance (Burlington Code of Ordinances (BCO) Chapter 18), the Zoning Ordinance (BCO App. A), the Vacant Building Ordinance (BCO, Chapter 8, Art. 3), Health ordinances and to issue Public Health Orders (BCO Chapter 17)

The office is designated as the enforcement agency for several ordinances, including BCO sec 17-9 (Pesticide applications), BCO sec 21-5 (Signs in the greenbelt), and BCO ch. 26 (Stormwater control).

In addition, Permitting & Inspections works with: the Burlington Electric Department on residential rental housing time-of-sale inspections - see - (BCO 18-500); the Department of Public Works on illegal dumping of solid waste (BCO ch.s 14 & 27); the Department of Parks & Recreation on maintenance of greenbelts (City Charter, sec 211, 212); the Police Department on illegal yard parking and nuisance abatement (BCO sec 1-9, 20-55, 21-19).