Requests for Funds

2019 CDBG Applications:

The following applications were received in response to a Notice of Funding Availability for 2019 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds.

Applications are separated into the Public Service and Development categories because federal law caps the amount of Community Development Block Grant funding that can be spent on Public Service projects at 15% of the City's total allocation.

The CDBG Advisory Board will review the non-CEDO applications during January, February and March 2019.  CEDO’s CDBG applications will be reviewed by the Administration during January and February.  All recommendations for funding will be forwarded to the Mayor and City Council, and a Public Hearing before City Council will be held in April/May 2019.

The 2019 applications are available for public review at the Community & Economic Development Office and below in PDF versions. 

Organization Project Description

Amount Requested

Board Recommendation

ECHO ** ECHO Early Learning Free child-caregiver enrichment program training caregivers and supporting healthy development and school readiness for early learners outside of the formal care system.  Serving 90+ children and 70+ caregivers weekly.



Lund** Lund Early Childhood Ed. Program Early Education program that provides 5 STAR care and education for 50 children aged 6 weeks to 5 years.  The play based program follows a theraputic curriculum designed to mitigate the effects of exposure to Adverse Childhood Experiances (ACEs) and maximize the intense period of brain development in early childhood. 



Sara Holbrook Community Center** Elementary Afterschool Program Elementary afterschool program that offers a wide range of fun and enriching learning opportunities and activities for students K-5.  The 5 STAR program provides a safe and healthy space for 36 children to learn, play, and grow.  



The Dream Program, Inc** Dream Summer Daycamp Scholarships Educational and recreational programming for 70 youth per year, aged 5 - 18,  living in affordable housing. 





Alternative youth training program for low income youth providing professional development in the fields of construction and weatherization, the opportunity to earn a high school diploma, and personal development opportunities. 



CVOEO - Chittenden Community Action Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program Free tax preparation services for low income households.



** Indicates a 2 year grant request        
TOTAL REQUESTED      $180,000






Organization Project Description Amount Requested Board Recommendation
Champlain Housing Trust Laurentide Apts aka Cambrian Rise Development of 76 new affordable apartments in the new Cambrian Rise neighborhood.  $100,000  $80,000
Champlain Housing Trust BRHIP/ONE Rehabilitation of 60 exisiting affordable apartments scattered throughout Burlington.  $30,000 $23,811
Champlain Housing Trust St. Joseph's Community Center aka Old North End CC Rehabilitation of St. Joseph's School/Old North End Community Center to support existing programming and improve energy efficiency. $227,000 $185,044
Community Health Centers of Burlington CHCB Safe Harbor Health Center Infrastructure Upgrade Rehabilitation of a healthcare center for the homeless to reduce risk of heating system failure and increase health and safety of facilities.  $53,940  $0     
Mercy Connections Women's Small Business Program Entrepreneurship and Financial Management classes for low income women. $65,000 $0
CVOEO Financial Futures Micro Business Dev. Program Business coaching and support for low to moderate income persons. $57,824 $40,000
DIFFERENCE     ($204,909)