Ken Schatz Award for Community Justice

The Ken Schatz Award for Community Justice was created in 2013 to honor those who have demonstrated an exemplary commitment to restorative justice, community-based responses to crime and conflict, and helping people stay out of (or preventing their return to) the criminal justice system. Ken Schatz was a founder of the Community Justice Center (CJC) and Chair of the CJC Citizens' Advisory Committee, and currently is the Commissioner for the Department of Children and Families. 


Previous Award winners are:

  • 2013: Ken Schatz, Founder of the Community Justice Center
  • 2014, Sally Fox, Vermont State Senator
  • 2015, Richard Kemp, Community Justice Center Founder, Citizen Advisory Committee  Chair
  • 2016, Marija Valencak, CJC Citizens' Advisory Committee Member 
  • 2017, Christine Longmore, Community Organizer for Parents and Youth for Change
  • 2018, Sgt. Brian Difranco, Burlington Police Officer


For more information about the Ken Schatz award, or to nominate someone you know, please contact Rachel Jolly at rjolly@burlingtonvt.gov