Available for Public Comment: Draft 2024-2028 Consolidated Plan & 2024 One-Year Action Plan

The City of Burlington will submit its 2024-2028 Consolidated Plan for Housing and Community Development (Consolidated Plan), the 2024 One-Year Action Plan (Action Plan) for Housing & Community Development, and renewal of the Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy Area (NRSA) as part of federal requirements under 24 CFR Part 91.105 for planning and allocation of federal funds from Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) and HOME Investment Partnership Act (HOME) programs early June 2024.  The City anticipates receiving $732,602 in CDBG funds and $247,049 in HOME funds to support housing, community, and economic development activities for the 2024 program year (7/1/2024-6/30/2025).

For more information, or alternative access, contact Rebeka Lawrence-Gomez, CEDO, at (802) 734-8019.