Buy a Home

Champlain Housing Trust (CHT) is a nonprofit organization that provides affordable rental and homeownership opportunities for residents in Northwest Vermont. CEDO provides organizational capacity funding to the Champlain Housing Trust (CHT).

Here's how the CHT may help new home buyers: 

  • Home Buyer Education - They help customers determine if homeownership is right for them, help them through the process of buying a home step by step, and provide post-purchase support. CHT Home Buyer Orientations are offered on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. All services are explained at that meeting. If a customer decides to work with the CHT, they complete a confidential personal profile. There is a small fee for a credit report and workshop materials. The next step is to attend one of the monthly Home Buyer Workshops. CHT staff and customers work together on a home buying plan. From there, customers can take advantage of all the CHT services and programs listed below. 
  • Credit and Budget Counseling - If a customer needs to rebuild his/her credit or would like guidance on budgeting toward buying a home, the CHT offers private, confidential counseling. 
  • Financial Assistance - The CHT helps find the most affordable home financing options, which may include help with down payment and closing costs. CHT staff assists with contacting the lender of choice and works with the customer every step of the way. 
  • Special Lender Programs - CHT staff guide customers to the resources that help get the most home for their money. 
  • Home Maintenance Education - To help new home buyers make the most of their home and keep it in great shape, the CHT offers home maintenance/repair and lawn and garden care workshops led by experts in the field. 
  • Home Rehab Planning and Loans - CHT staff arrange a post inspection rehab plan to ensure home buyers have the resources to fix any problems in their new home. 
  • Delinquency Intervention - If a customer gets behind in their mortgage payments, CHT staff works to get them back on track and in good standing.