Assessor&Rsquo;S Office

Citywide Reappraisal

About the Citywide Revaluation Project

Burlington's City Assessor has completed a citywide property revaluation project that has been underway since 2018. The last Citywide reappraisal project occurred in 2004 / 2005. Since then, the market values of properties have increasingly diverged from their 2005 assessed values in ways that are not even across Burlington. This has resulted in property valuations no longer being fair and equitably distributed across properties, neighborhoods, and property types. As a result, by Vermont Tax Department standards, the City was required to undertake a citywide reappraisal. The new valuations are an estimate of the property’s current fair market value.

It is important to note that the City’s Charter mandates that this reappraisal will be revenue neutral for City government. This means that though some people will owe more in taxes as a result of the reappraisal, others will owe less, and overall the City will not see any change in revenue.