Legacy Project

Legacy Action Plan

The Legacy Action Plan is Burlington's 2030 vision for the future.  Based on the intersection of the four E's (economy, environment, equity, education), this Plan strives to ensure that Burlington meets the needs of current generations without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.  The updated Plan (completed in 2010) harmonizes the Legacy Plan with two HUD-funded sustainable communities initiatives: the Downtown/Waterfront planning effort known as PlanBTV and the regional sustainability planning effort, ECOS project.

The updated Plan reflects input from community stakeholders shared at Legacy Town Meetings, the PlanBTV and ECOS engagement processes, discussions at neighborhood planning gatherings, diversity and equity celebrations, conversations around climate and transportation planning, and through other community engagement activities.  The draft updated Plan is organized around sectors, goal, and actions.  Goals are the general, long-range desired outcomes of the community.  Goals are used to help define indicators that will gauge our progress towards achieving these goals.  This update also includes new and emerging actions.

The updated Plan not only captures and honors the original structure, it also includes some new and emerging sectors and goals.  Sectors are the key themes and originally included Economy, Neighborhoods, Governance, Education and Lifelong Learning and Environment.  Since the Plan was written in 2000, a new sector - Diversity and Equity - has emerged from the community engagement process.  And, Transportation has emerged as a free-standing theme rather than a subset of the Economy.

The following video includes some of our community's hopes and dreams for the future.

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