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The Peter Clavelle Award Nomination


Peter A. Clavelle is a former mayor of Burlington and a 2004 candidate for Governor. Under his leadership, Burlington became a national model in sustainability, with emphasis on quality of life, high quality education for all, social equity, economic growth and development, and environmental health, often referred to as the 4 E’s. Peter’s legacy includes eligibility of employee domestic partners in benefit coverage, and projects such as the Church Street Marketplace and Waterfront Development. Under Peter’s leadership work began around climate change and efforts to reduce greenhouse gases, and around local food systems, including the development of the Burlington Farm to School program which is now a national model. Mayor Clavelle's vision led to the development of the Legacy Action Plan, Burlington's 2030 sustainability plan. The plan is based on improvements in five areas related to sustainability: our neighborhoods, the economy, the environment, youth and life skills (including life-long learning), and governance. Taken together, the five major themes comprise Burlington’s Common Vision: 

  • Maintaining Burlington as a regional population, government, cultural, and economic center with livable wage jobs, full employment, social supports, and housing that matches job growth and family income
  • Improving the quality of life in neighborhoods
  • Increasing participation in community decision-making
  • Providing youth with high-quality education and social supports, and lifelong learning opportunities for all
  • Preserving environmental health
  • Honoring diversity and acknowledging the importance of social equity

To be eligible to receive the Peter Clavelle Award, a person must be a professional whose work efforts have advanced the sustainability of Burlington as described in the Legacy Action Plan, including work on social equity, economic growth and vitality, quality education for all, and/or environmental stewardship. Nominees cannot be current Burlington Sustainability Partnership or former Legacy Steering Committee members or city employees. Candidates for this award will have:

  1. Shown a passionate commitment to improve the quality of life for the people of Burlington consistent with specific principles described in the Legacy Plan
  2. Recognized problems or barriers which may prevent Burlington’s progress toward becoming a sustainable community
  3. Identified or promoted new or better ways to advance any of the goals set out in the Legacy Strategic Plan
  4. Been a mentor or role model to others (elected or appointed officials or citizens; both children and adults) who have supported efforts that advanced the Legacy Plan