Police Commission

NACOLE Training

The Burlington Police Commission has joined in membership with the National Association for Civilian Oversight of Law Enforcement (NACOLE), which plays an essential role in identifying effective practices and guiding principles in the complex area of police and community relations.  

NACOLE delivered four (4) educational sessions, developed to meet the training and technical needs of the Burlington Police Commission. Topics were:

  • Civilian Oversight of Law Enforcement - Its History, Models, and Overview of Oversight Mechanisms in the United States: This session will provide a brief overview of civilian oversight, its history, and the principles behind effective practices
  • Principles of Civilian Oversight of Law Enforcement and Effective Practices: This session will give an overview of the policies and procedures that need to be put into place to enable the agency to meet its goals and carry out its mandate
  • Effective Practices in the Conducting and Reviewing of Investigations: This session will provide panel members knowledge of what goes into an investigation and effective practices in their review
  • Effective, Location-Based Community Outreach and Engagement: This session will discuss methods for effectively engaging stakeholders in the oversight development process
  • Reporting Practices for Civilian Oversight Agencies: This session will discuss what your agency should produce to sustain a level of transparency regarding police misconduct and the work being done by the agency itself
  • Minimum Training Standards for Civilian Oversight Practitioners and Review Panel Members: This session will discuss not on the training necessary for effective oversight but the different outlets and ways in which training may be obtained
  • Identifying and Addressing challenges and opportunities: Discussion of local expectations and the desired outcomes of oversight implementation-what is the end goal

In addition to the educational sessions, NACOLE provided the Burlington Police Commission up to 10 hours of additional consultation. 

Below are recordings of the educational sessions conducted.  Clicking on the image will redirect you to the recording in YouTube for that session.



                             May 27, 2021                                                                 June 10, 2021



                                June 15, 2021                                                                               June 17, 2021