Parks Master Plan

Why Do We Need a Parks Master Plan?

The Parks Master Plan provides a comprehensive plan for the future of Burlington parks amenities and recreation programming. This is the City’s first system-wide parks plan and it includes considerations for all of our parks, waterfront, trails, conservation areas, beaches, community gardens, cemeteries, facilities and program offerings.

What's new?

The final draft of the Parks Master Plan is now available for review!  Download the components at the links below...

1 - Executive Summary
2 - Final Plan

Parks Master Plan First Draft
1 - Executive Summary
2 - Full Report
3 - Strategic Initiatves

Click here to view a copy of the Parks Master Plan NPA Presentation  
Large file size ~ 20MB

Click here to view a copy of the October 3 Public Forum Presentation
Large file size ~ 13MB

Leisure Vision conducted a Parks and Recreation Needs Assessment Survey between August and September of 2013 to help establish usage and satisfaction for current parks and facilities and to determine priorities for the future development of parks and recreation facilities, programs and services within the City of Burlington.  The survey was administered by mail and by phone.  Leisure Vision worked extensively with City of Burlington officials in the development of the survey questionnaire.  This work allowed the survey to be tailored to issues of strategic importance for Burlington and to effectively plan for the future.  Surveys were mailed to a random sample of 2,000 households in the City of Burlington.  The same day the surveys were mailed, each household that was to receive a survey also received an electronic voice message encouraging them to complete the survey. The goal was to obtain a total of at least 400 completed surveys.  Ultimately, 551 surveys were completed.  The results of the random sample of 551 households have a 95% level of confidence with a precision of at least +/-4.2%.  Thanks to those who particapted!

Click here to view a copy of the Household Survey Results