National Register of Historic Places

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Burlington properties and districts listed on the National Register:

Resource Name Address Listed
Allen, Ethan, Homestead In the Intervale, off of the Route 127 Beltline 7/24/1986
Battery Street Historic District

Roughly bounded by Lake Champlain, Main, Maple, and St. Paul Streets (both sides)

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Battery Street Historic District (boundary increase)

Roughly bounded by Browns Court, King, Adams, and Union Streets

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Buell - Bradley Street Historic District

2 - 71 Bradley St, 24 - 125 Buell St, 16 - 75 Orchard Terr, 9 - 96 South Union St, 11 - 87 Hungerford Terrace

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Burlington Bay Horse Ferry (shipwreck) Burlington Bay 12/15/1993
Burlington Breakwater Burlington Bay 6/6/2003
Burlington Traction Company 662 Riverside Avenue (343 North Winooski Avenue) 10/7/2004
Carnegie Building of the Fletcher Free Library SE corner of College Street and South Winooski Avenue 8/18/1976
Champlain School 809 Pine Street 12/10/1982
Chittenden County Courthouse 180 Church Street - Demolished by fire in 1982 4/11/1973
Church Street Historic District Generally the Church Street corridor, along with flanking blocks of Bank, Cherry, College, and Main Streets 2010
City Hall Park Historic District

Church, College, Main and St. Paul Streets

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Ethan Allen Engine Company No. 4

135 Church Street

Firefighting in Vermont

First Baptist Church 81 St. Paul Street 3/2/2001
First Methodist Church of Burlington South Winooski Avenue 10/5/1978
Follett House 63 College Street 10/30/1972
General Butler (shipwreck) Burlington Bay 10/22/1998
Grassemount 411 Main Street 4/11/1973
Head of Church Street Historic District Corners of Pearl and Church Streets 7/15/1974
Howard Mortuary Chapel 455 North Avenue 10/21/1999

Joseph Cota House (House at 44 Front St)

42-44 Front Street May 2008
Kelsey, Martin L., House 43 Elmwood Avenue 2/24/1983
LeFarriere House 171-173 Intervale Avenue 2008
Lakeside Historic District Lakeside, Central, Conger, Wright, and Harrison Avenues 
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Main Street - College Street Historic District

Roughly bounded by College, South Williams and Main Streets, and South Winooski Avenue

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Mintzer House 175-177 Intervale Avenue 2008
Montgomery Ward Building 52 - 54 Church Street 5/30/1991
Moquin's Bakery 78 Rose Street 6/27/1997
Normand House 163-165 Intervale Avenue 2008
North Street Historic District North Street between North Avenue and North Winooski Avenue 12/21/2001
O.J. Walker (shipwreck) Burlington Bay 10/22/1998
Old Ohavi Zedex Synagogue(Ahavarth Gerim Synagogue) Archibald Street, Corner of Hyde Street 1/31/1978
Palmer, Charles R., House 201-203 North Willard Street 8/30/2005
Pearl Street Historic District

Roughly 184 - 415 Pearl Street, Orchard Terrace, and Winooski Avenue

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Pine Street Industrial District

Pine Street Industrial District (photos)

Pine Street from Maple Street to the foot of the Barge Canal, including

parts of South Champlain Street, Battery Street, Kilburn Street, Marble Avenue, Pine Place

and the shore of Lake Champlain

Redstone Historic District

South Prospect Street

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Robarge, John B., Duplex 58-60 North Champlain St 8/6/2005
Robinson, Daniel Webster, House 384 and 388 Main Street 4/22/1982
Ruggles, Lucy, House 262 South Prospect Street 12/16/2005
Saltus Grocery Store

299 - 301 North Winooski Avenue

Neighborhood Stores in Burlington

Smith-Goldberg, US Army Reserve Center Formerly the U.S. Post Office and Customhouse South East Corner of Main and Church Sts 11/21/1972
South Union Street Historic District

South Union Street between Howard and Main Streets

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South Willard Street Historic District

South Willard Street

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University Green Historic District

University of Vermont campus

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Wells, Edward, House 61 Summit Street 10/3/1979
Wells - Jackson Carriage House Complex 192 - 194 Jackson Court and 370 Maple Street 12/10/1982
Wells - Richardson Complex

Main, Pine, College, and St. Paul Streets

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Winooski Falls Mill Historic District North Bank of Winooski River at Winooski Falls and approximately 950' on South Bank
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Winooski Falls Mill Historic District (boundary increase) 485 - 497 Colchester Avenue, 5 - 21 Mill Street, 8 - 32 Barrett Street
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Winterbotham Estate 163 South Willard Street 5/12/1975


Citywide and Statewide Resources listed on the National Historic Register:

Neighborhood Stores in Burlington
Firefighting in Vermont
Hydroelectric Generating Facilities in Vermont


Register list edited November 2017