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Housing Board of Review

The Burlington Housing Board of Review hears disputes regarding security deposits and appeals of minimum housing orders for rental properties in Burlington. The Board also hears requests for variances from the minimum housing code.  To dispute the withholding of a security deposit, the tenant must file an appeal within 30 days of receipt of the landlord's notice of withholding or, if the tenant did not receive notice from the landlord, within 44 days of the date the tenant vacates the rental unit. To request a hearing, you must file a request for hearing. The request form must be filed in the Clerk Treasurer's Office or to the clerk of the Board. When a hearing is scheduled the parties will be sent a written notice in the mail.

A landlord is required to return the security deposit to a tenant within 14 days from the date the tenant vacated the rental unit with a written statement itemizing any deductions. The notice requirements are contained in city ordinance, section 18-120 (Deposits), and are outlined in a landlord factsheet distributed to landlords in 2015. The Board also distributed a sample notice of withholding form.   

If you have questions about the Burlington Housing Board of Review, please call 865-7122.


Housing Board of Review

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