City Council

Member of the Housing Board of Review

Position Description for Member of Housing Board of Review

The Housing Board of Review is created by BCO Sec. 18-35 with the following duties and authority:

  • To hear requests for variances from the Minimum Housing Code (except those related to fire safety);
  • To hear appeals from Minimum Housing Orders (except those related to fire safety);
  • To reverse or affirm, in whole or in part, a Minimum Housing Order;
  • To hear requests related to security deposit disputes;
  • To hold hearings and take evidence; administer oaths; compel the attendance of witnesses and the production of material relevant to any issue under appeal;
  • To issue written decisions;
  • To order that all, part, or none of the deposit withheld by a landlord be returned to a tenant.

There is no requirement that the members of this board be residents or legal voters of Burlington.  Members of this board will be expected to:

  • Make a decision based on the fair & impartial application of the facts presented during the hearing;
  • Conduct hearings in a fair and impartial manner;
  • Reserve judgment until all evidence is presented;
  • Apply the law to the facts of the case before it.

Members of this board will be appointed for a term of 3 years. 

Historically, this board regularly meets on the first and third Mondays of the month beginning at 7:00 pm.

In addition, members of this board will be expected to:

  • Attend all scheduled meetings, or if a meeting must be missed, let the chairperson or staff know ahead of the meeting if they will not be able to attend;
  • Review any materials provided to the board ahead of time;
  • Notify the chairperson and/or the city staff person assigned to the board of any accommodation for a disability that may be required in order for the person to serve;
  • Act from a spirit of cooperation and with respect towards other board members, staff members, and members of the public appearing before the board;
  • Avoid actual or apparent conflicts of interest or bias;
  • Comply with all aspects of the Vermont Open Meeting and Access to Public Records laws;
  • Consider fairly the interests of all individuals and organizations whose interests may be affected by their actions as a city official.