Covid 19

City's Response to COVID-19


Track the latest numbers for Chittenden County

Visit the City's COVID-19 dashboard to look at the latest data for Chittenden County and Vermont, including active cases, new cases by day, testing by day, and other key metrics.

Have questions or need help? Contact the City's COVID-19 Resource & Recovery Center (RRC)

On March 23, 2020, the City established the COVID-19 Resource & Recovery Center (RRC) in order to provide relief to the economic disruption of COVID-19. The RRC offers a repository of resources and information, and also can provide one-on-one consults for people looking to access unemployment benefits, renters worried about housing security, business owners seeking information about federal assistance, people experiencing homelessness who need shelter, and more. As of June, 2021, the RRC has responded to more than 2,300 requests from Burlingtonians.


Translated Information about COVID-19

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