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COVID-19 Vaccine

Burlington BIPOC COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic

Saturday, April 24th 8:30am-12:00pm

A new BIPOC clinic has been announced for 4/24 in Burlington. The Vermont Racial Justice Alliance, Vermont Professionals of Color Network, the Vermont LEND program, and other partners are taking the leadership role and are using a webform to help people register for the waitlist. Please fill out this webform below. There is already a waitlist from the last clinic, so these partners will contact you when a spot becomes available – completing the webform does NOT guarantee you a spot for this coming Saturday’s clinic.


Online Form


The form asks a series of required, basic questions and does not ask for any identification or health insurance information. If you need language assistance or know someone without internet access, they can also call the Resource and Recovery Center to put their name down on the waitlist at 802-755-7239 between 8:30am and 4pm this week.

Who is Eligible?

NEW UPDATE!!! AS OF March 30, 2021 the Department of Health has changed eligibility to now be defined as:

ALL members of the Vermont BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) community 16 years of age and older – as well as their household members – will now be eligible for vaccination at this clinic. The Vermont Department of Health is now accepting applicants through the State registration website in addition to these clinics. 

Vermont Department of Health Sign-Up

As of now, BIPOC Vermonters signing up for the vaccine will need to answer a few new eligibility questions before making an appointment. People can go in and do this any time before registering:
1.    Log in to your account and click on the "Dependent/Spouse" tab. 
2.    Click on "UPDATE DETAILS" for the person who needs an appointment, check the consent box and update your information. 

If you would prefer to register by phone you may contact 855-722-7878.

Register with the Department of Health  


Pharmacy Sign-Up

Additional opportunities for vaccination are available at participating pharmacies:

COVID-19 Vaccination for Vermonters

Vaccination appointments require advance registration by phone or online through the Vermont Department of Health, or through participating pharmacies


  • Registration requires individual email addresses for each person. If you share an e-mail with your spouse, we suggest that one of you register normally and list the other person as a "dependent" in the registration form.
  • Vaccines are being distributed at various locations across Chittenden County by appointment only and are NOT currently offered at any COVID-19 testing locations.  


REGISTER With the department of health   

Things You Should Know about COVID-19 Vaccines

 العربية (Arabic)မြန်မာစာ (Burmese)Français (French)Kirundiनेपाली (Nepali)Soomaali (Somali)Español (Spanish)SwahiliTiếng Việt (Vietnamese) | English

Registering for the Vaccine

العربية (Arabic) | မြန်မာစာ (Burmese) | Français (French) | Kirundi | नेपाली (Nepali) | Soomaali (Somali) | Maay MaayEspañol (Spanish) | Swahili | Tiếng Việt (Vietnamese) 

Who qualifies now? What group is next?

All Vermonters age 16+ are eligible for vaccination! For college students and people who live out of state, please review state guidance HERE.  

Please visit the link below to find further information on the registration process and registration options. 


REGISTER With the department of health   

How much does a vaccine cost?

COVID-19 vaccines are FREE to all Vermonters, including those who do not have health insurance. You may be asked for health insurance information, but it is not a requirement for receiving the vaccine. 

What if my friends/family don't have internet access or a computer?

They can still register by phone by calling the Department of Health vaccine registration line at 855-722-7878. In addition, the Fletcher Free Library is offering limited computer access and in-person support for eligible residents interested in booking a vaccination appointment. This will be an option for Burlington community members as the State continues into future phases of distribution. Please be aware that this is the ONLY allowed use of their computers at this time. For questions, please contact the Library Helpdesk at (802)-865-7217.   

Is transportation available to vaccination sites?

Free public transportation to vaccine clinics is available to Vermont residents who do not have their own transportation. Rides are coordinated by the Vermont Public Transportation Association. View bus routes and find more information on the websites below. 

Green Mountain Transit: 802-864-2282

Special Services Transportation Authority: 802-878-1527  

Does the vaccine contain animal products?

According to the Vermont Department of Health, the approved vaccines DO NOT contain animal products, fetal tissue, eggs, gelatin, latex, or preservatives. Find additional important vaccine facts in the Department of Health Fact Sheet below. 

Vaccine FAQ Handout  

How many people in Vermont have been vaccinated so far?

Want to see current data? Visit the Vermont Department of Health vaccine data dashboard. 




How does the vaccine work?

(image via FDA website)

These specific vaccines are mRNA (Messenger RNA) vaccines, which teach and instruct our cells how to make a protein, or even just a fragment of a protein, which helps trigger an immune response inside our bodies when exposed to the virus. mRNA never enters the center (nucleus) of the cell, which is where genetic material is stored; it will not affect or change your DNA. This vaccine also is not a live virus and therefore cannot give you COVID-19. You may read the resources below for more detailed descriptions on how the vaccines work. 

Further Resources:


What should I expect when getting the vaccine?

The two currently approved COVID-19 vaccines are given in two doses, within 3-4 weeks of each other.  Wondering what symptoms and side effects people might get after receiving the vaccine? Watch the video above on what to expect. 

Further Resources:


What do I need to do after getting vaccinated?

(image via CDC

Once the vaccine is administered, the CDC recommends that vaccine recipients:

  • Continue to use personal protective equipment (PPE) such as masks
  • Take precautionary safety measures, such as physical distancing and hand washing 
  • Continue to follow state health guidance 

It will take time to receive both doses of the vaccine and for the body to build an immunity to the virus over a number of weeks, which is common with any vaccination. At this time we don't have enough research to know if vaccinated people can unknowingly spread the virus after completing their vaccinations. By using multiple layers of protections and precautions against the virus, our chances of eliminating the prevalence of COVID-19 is that much better.    

COVID-19 Vaccine Informational Websites:


CDC Vaccine Page     


Vermont Department of Health Vaccine PaGe       


UVM Health Vaccine Page