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Burlington Walk | Bike Council

The Burlington Walk/Bike Council is an all-volunteer advisory council to the City of Burlington. Working closely with the Department of Public Works and the Department of Parks & Recreation, the BWBC advises on infrastructure improvements and policy changes for bicycling and walking. The BWBC also leads advocacy efforts and organizes events and activities that promote and celebrate walking and biking in Burlington and beyond.

Anyone interested in making Burlington a better and safer place for bicycling and walking is encouraged to attend the BWBC meetings generally held at 5:30 PM on the 1st Wednesday of each month. Meetings are hosted remotely on Zoom with an in-person option unless otherwise noted on the agenda.




Staff contact:

Phillip Peterson PE, Senior Transportation Planner | 802-598-8356

Community Liaisons

While everyone can contribute to the listserver and at meetings, the Community Liaisons form the core of the BWBC and provide continuity from meeting to meeting. Responsibilities of the Community Liaisons include providing feedback on walk-bike priorities and projects; setting agendas; community outreach; and leadership of the Burlington Walk-Bike Council.

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions, comments, or would like more information.

Erik Brown Brotz,, chair, Ward 5
Greg Hostetler, Ward 2
Faith Ingulsrud, Ward 6
Peter Keating, Ward 6
Drew Pollack-Bruce, Ward 1
Justine Sears, Ward 3
Karen Sentoff, Ward 4
Jason Stuffle, Ward 1
Kerry Swift, Ward 4




 Google Groups

BWBC Facebook and Google Groups are managed by BWBC members and are not directly affiliated with the City of Burlington


Google Groups Listserver
The BWBC uses a Google Groups listserver that allows people to share interesting news, videos, and ideas and to make suggestions for improvements. Subscribing to the listserver is FREE and EASY: visit and click “Join this group” on the right side of the screen. Check out the latest in the conversation here.

You can also send an email message to
Once you’ve joined, you can post messages to the group by sending an email to
If you ever want to bail on the listserve, that’s easy too – send an email to
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