Office Of The City Attorney

Frequently Asked Questions

I received a Vermont municipal complaint in the City of Burlington, what do I do?

Follow the directions on the back of the ticket. You must mark your plea, sign the ticket and submit it to: Vermont Judicial Bureau PO Box 607 White River Junction, VT 05001 You must pay the ticket or deliver a plea within 20 days to the Vermont Judicial Bureau.


Can I get an interpretation of an ordinance?

The City Attorney’s Office does not provide interpretations and suggests consulting with a private attorney.


Can I just talk to someone about a parking ticket?

No, if you want to appeal a parking ticket, you must either submit a written request to our office or appeal the ticket online at: Park Burlington (


How can I obtain a copy of an ordinance?

You can contact the Clerk/Treasurer’s Office located on the second floor of City Hall for a copy of an ordinance or view the municipal code at:


How do I contest a parking ticket?

Within 30 days of the ticket date, you must submit a written request stating the reasons for appealing to: City Attorney’s Office 149 Church Street, Room 11 Burlington, VT 05401 You must include the ticket (or a copy of it), any towing receipts and other supporting documents. Make sure your request includes a current mailing address - you will receive a written response from the City Attorney’s Office. You can also appeal the ticket online at Park Burlington (


How do I request a hearing before the Burlington Housing Board of Review?

You must fill out a request form and file it in the Clerk/Treasurer’s Office within 30 days of receipt of the landlord’s notice of withholding. The request form is available at the Clerk/Treasurer’s Office at City Hall, the Department of Code Enforcement on Pine Street or online at:


Where can I pay my parking ticket?

Visit the following link for information on paying your ticket:


I am a resident of Burlington and need legal advice, can I speak with the City Attorney about my situation?

No, the City Attorney does not provide legal advice to the public. The Vermont Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service can put you in contact with a private attorney. They can be reached at (800) 639-7036 or