Engineering Services for Harbor Dredging

Burlington Harbor is used extensively by recreational and commercial boaters. The City of Burlington’s Parks, Recreation & Waterfront Department (BPRW) owns and operates two marina facilities in the harbor, one at the Community Boathouse (College Street) and another at Perkins Pier (Maple Street). Both have accumulated substantial sediment over time and require dredging in order to restore navigation and use of boat slips. The City is seeking to retain the services of a professional engineering-consulting team to assist the City with the planning, permitting, scope, cost estimation, and design for the dredging of these two facilities.

Burlington Community Boathouse is located at the base of College Street. This location consists of a floating facility, called “the Boathouse” and four docking systems that are used by seasonal and transient boaters for dockage. The area that requires dredging is located by “A Dock” which is the southernmost docking system, adjacent to the end of College Street, and near the Echo Science Museum. This location has seen a buildup of sediment from past construction projects through the College Street outfall, which is located at the shoreline by “A Dock”. Vessel navigation is hindered by elevated levels of sediment.

Perkins Pier Marina is located at the base of Maple Street (marina indicated by bottom arrow in image). The Perkins Pier Marina is a small-vessel marina primarily only for seasonal boaters, located at the base of Maple Street. The basin requires regular interval dredging to maintain navigability to all slips, and is overdue for dredging, as it has been more than ten years since the last sediment removal. Special attention should be made to not disrupt or hinder the bulkheads in this location.

The anticipated project is expected to include, but not be limited to:

  • Planning, permitting, and design of scope of areas to be dredged.
  • Cost estimating for both dredging of sites and disposal of materials. 
  • Technical assistance and coordination services for next phase of plan implementation.
  • Plans and any appropriate supporting material to keep Perkins Pier and the Boathouse Marina as two distinct projects that can be implemented together or separately as budget allows.
  • Retain local environmental engineer sub-consultant (if not already present on team) to develop and implement plan for pre-characterization of sediment to be disturbed/removed.
  • Environmental engineer to obtain approval from pertinent regulatory agencies for precharacterization, removal, dewatering, and disposal plan.  Environmental engineer to facilitate pertinent permit applications, support and participate in bidding and contractor selection process.
  • Environmental engineer to develop appropriate scope and fee for construction oversight as necessary.
  • Grading plan for dredging to navigable depth.  Maintenance Plan: develop plan, permitting, and regulatory relationships with an eye towards ongoing maintenance dredging.
  • Bid-ready construction drawings and specifications. Contractor evaluation services after public bid and assistance in selection of dredge removal team.
  • Facilitation and coordination of project, including construction inspection services and mitigation; and any other required engineering or services required to sufficiently execute this project.
  • Contractor to meet with internal stakeholders, as well as external stakeholders affected by the project site, prior to project completion.
  • BPRW would like to post the dredging construction RFP on/before August 1, 2023. Eligible multi-disciplinary teams will have extensive experience in all facets of marine projects from planning, design and construction oversight and specifically with pertinent permitting agencies governing such projects on Lake Champlain.

Questions concerning this RFP should be directed to Erin Moreau,, and received by 4:00 P.M. April 5, 2023.

NEW PROPOSAL DEADLINE: All Proposals are due: May 5, 2023 at 4 p.m. An Addendum answering questions received before the above-noted deadline were posted on Thursday, April 13th, 2023 and are available below as a downloadable file.

City Department: 
Parks, Recreation & Waterfront
RFP Deadline: 
Friday, May 5, 2023