Mayor Weinberger and Community Partners Kick-off Construction of the Great Streets Main Streets Project

$30 million TIF Funded Revitalization of Main Street is Underway 

Burlington, Vt. – Today, Mayor Miro Weinberger celebrated the official start of construction for the transformational Great Streets Main Street project. He was joined by key partners: Public Works Director Chapin Spencer whose department is managing the project, Ward 8 City Councilor Hannah King, DPW Commission Chair Peggy O’Neill-Vivanco, and Executive Director of the Flynn Theatre Jay Wahl, along with many City employees and community members, including Burlington High School students from the City-Lake semester program who had provided input during the design process, and employees of SD Ireland, the contractor for this project. 

“The Great Streets projects together constitute the biggest public investment in Burlington’s infrastructure in decades -- and because of the City’s work, with our local and federal partners, this renewal and improvement of the downtown will continue for years to come,” said Mayor Miro Weinberger. “This public investment is being matched by an unprecedented level of private investment, with more than 2,000 new homes built or in construction since 2011 and Burlington on track to meet our goal of increasing the City’s housing production rate 400% by 2026. And that is before the future growth enabled by the revitalization of Main Street. Each of these projects is creating new jobs, new homes, and new opportunities for Burlingtonians. The future of Burlington has never been brighter.” 

“This project represents a major investment into the Burlington of today and tomorrow. We’re replacing centuries-old infrastructure, setting the community up for investments in housing and commerce and reducing the risk of infrastructure failure,” said Public Works Director Chapin Spencer. “Through it all, our downtown is open for business and there is space for you in Burlington! Visit our website, park in our garages and sign up for our weekly project emails to stay informed.” 

Great Streets Main Street is the final of three major TIF investments in the heart of downtown Burlington which include the rebuilding of St. Paul Street and the revitalization of City Hall Park to the great public space it is today with beautiful storm water gardens, healthier trees, accessible paths, and room for the community to gather, shop at markets, perform, play, and enjoy all Burlington has to offer. All three projects are funded through the Downtown TIF, which was first approved by voters nearly twelve years ago, on Town Meeting Day 2012.  

The Main Street project has been planned under the Great Streets standards which seek to unify, beautify, and reinvest in our downtown core. The standards are the result of years of careful planning and public input. 

“Living in Ward 8 and working downtown means my most used method of transportation is walking. Many Burlingtonians would agree, the more you walk the more you get to know our City,” said Councilor Hannah King. “Our sidewalks and streets suffer from wear and tear. It takes investment to upkeep our transportation infrastructure, and it takes vision to reimagine it. Once completed, the Great Streets transformation will truly change the ways we experience and use our streets and sidewalks. This is truly exciting.” 

“The Main Street project includes aspects of Burlington’s newly adopted Nature-Based Climate Solutions Plan, Walk Bike Plan, and our Net Zero Energy roadmap,” said DPW Commission Chair Peggy O’Neill-Vivanco. “This is a testament to Burlington’s commitment to creating more inclusive, resilient, and enjoyable transportation and urban spaces for our all our residents, businesses, and visitors. All of this will contribute to the economic and cultural vitality of Burlington.” 

Construction began today near the intersection of South Winooski Street and Main Street and will be phased over the next three construction seasons. The first phase of this project includes excavation to install the first pieces of a new bypass sewer to divert the 150-year-old ravine sewer and close Main Street between South Winooski and South Union for approximately two weeks. Beginning as early as February 19, the contractor will commence work at the intersection of Maple and Church to start construction of the new bypass sewer pipe.  

“The Flynn encourages all Vermonters to come to Burlington during construction. We need you to come downtown and support local business. When complete, it will greatly enhance our downtown for years to come including a new crosswalk connecting the Flynn to City Hall Park which will directly improve access to the theater,” said Jay Wahl, Executive Director of the Flynn Theatre. “During construction, we highly recommend our patrons allow additional time when coming to a show at the Flynn. We don’t want you to miss a minute of the performance.” 

Future Great Streets Projects will include a $50 million revitalization of two new City blocks on St. Paul and Pine Streets through CityPlace and eight blocks of existing streets on Cherry and Bank Streets, using approximately $16M in Waterfront TIF funds, along with $12M in congressionally directed funds secured by Senator Leahy, and $19.5M from the RAISE grant. 

More about Great Streets Main Street  

Between South Winooski & Pine:  

  • Surface Improvements: Beautifying the streetscape, and creating a more welcoming environment with brighter lighting, more trees, protected bike lanes, more pedestrian and business space, public art and complete rebuilding of all pavement and sidewalk surfaces.  
  • Subsurface Improvements: Replacing water and sewer lines, including transmission and trunk mains, many of which service greater Burlington and were installed more than 100 years ago and would be at a high risk for failure without rehabilitation. 

Between Church & South Union, and down Church Street to Maple: Constructing a new sewer system to facilitate the relocation of sewer flow from the extremely deep (> 25 feet) 150-year-old brick “ravine” sewer that transects multiple downtown blocks to a new modern sewer system constructed in the roadway. This will enable future abandonment of the ravine sewer that hinders current downtown development. 

More about Construction, Parking Changes, and Detours  

Members of the public are encouraged to use the following resources for up-to-date information, translation services are available: 

  • The project team is hosting a public meeting on February 15 from 6-8PM in Contois Auditorium in Burlington City Hall, along with a Zoom option. 
  • Weekly construction updates will be sent out via email and posted on the project website. Learn more at  
  • has a refreshed parking map for the public to learn about public and many private parking opportunities.  
  • Major impacts will be shared via text and email through VT-Alert. Visit to sign up. 
  • The project’s public involvement coordinator can be reached directly at


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