Mayor Miro Weinberger Announces New Waterfront and Railyard Access Project Linking Pine and Battery Streets through New Urban Street Grid


September 20, 2012
Contact:  Mike Kanarick

Mayor Miro Weinberger Announces New Waterfront and Railyard Access Project Linking Pine and Battery Streets through New Urban Street Grid
Will Seek City Council Support to Begin Scoping New Project in October

Burlington, VT – Mayor Miro Weinberger, together with Vermont Agency of Transportation Secretary Brian Searles, today announced a new waterfront and railyard access project that will link Pine and Battery streets through a new urban street grid, creating a multi-modal network of rail, truck, car, transit, bike, and pedestrian connections to access Burlington’s southern waterfront and railyard.  Weinberger will seek City Council support to begin scoping the new project at an October 2012 City Council meeting.

“For decades, people have looked at maps of Burlington and asked ‘why can’t there be improved access to the waterfront from Pine Street?’” said Weinberger.  “Today, I am pleased and thankful that we finally can envision a day when that connection will be made.”

Steady progress was accomplished through a series of communications and meetings between Weinberger and Searles, including the exchange of letters (attached) between the two leaders that paved the way for today’s announcement.

“We’re excited to partner with Mayor Weinberger and the City of Burlington,” said Searles.  “This new project will be good for economic development, improve truck access to the railyard, and provide options to residents and visitors to access Burlington’s waterfront.”

Mayor Weinberger and Secretary Searles were joined at the press event by City Council President Joan Shannon, Councilor Rachel Siegel, Ernie Pomerleau, and other community leaders.

“I’ve long advocated for traffic relief options beyond the Champlain Parkway believing that an expansion of the grid was both possible and sensible,” said Shannon.  “Thank you Mayor Weinberger and Secretary Searles for listening to the many voices in this area including the Maple, King, and Pine Street residents, housing advocates, and historic preservationists, and moving forward to create a grid that will not only alleviate traffic, but connect the Pine Street businesses and neighborhoods to the lake.”

"This is a moment worth noting, when members of Burlington’s different political parties are in agreement, not only about the value of the southern waterfront project, but also about the vital importance of enhancing the lower King Street neighborhood,” said Siegel.  “Finding a solution that improves the neighborhood helped unify support for this initiative."

Please see the attached documents, including:

  • Mayor Weinberger’s September 20, 2012 memorandum in response to June 18, 2012 City Council Resolution requesting Mayor’s Office exploration of alternatives to proposed route of Champlain Parkway
  • Railyard Enterprise Project Concept Diagram
  • Mayor Weinberger’s July 11, 2012 letter to Vermont Department of Transportation Secretary Searles
  • Secretary Searles’ August 9, 2012 response letter to Mayor Weinberger


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