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E911 Address Notifications

New and Changed Address Notifications

Who gets notified when new addresses are created, or existing addresses changed? Who does it?

Government entities do the bulk of notifications, while Property Owners and Residents are responsible for more personal interests.

Address Notifications sent by the City E911 Coordinator

To Organization Recipient Update To
City of Burlington Police Department Property Address
Fire Department Property Address
Police and Fire Dispatch City Dispatch system
Assessor's Office Tax Assessment Database for Property Address and Owner Mailing Address
City Clerk Voter Checklist database for Property Address
Burlington Electric Department Billing system Mailing Address
Burlington Telecom Billing system Mailing Address
E911 Coordinator City Master Address Database for Property Address
State of Vermont
and their Contractors
E911 Database Administrator GIS Address Point data
TNDB Administrator (Fairpoint) TNDB Property Address
TNDB Address Range Administrator (Comcast) Street Address Ranges between intersections
US Federal US Postal Service (BTV) USPS Address database | Address Lookup web tool

TNDB = Telephone Number Database

Address Notifications sent by the VT E911 Board

Recipient Update To
Google Google Maps
Fed Ex Address database
United Parcel Service (UPS) Address database

Address Notifications sent by Property Owners and Residents:

Property owners and residents are responsible for notifying those that they do business, as well as friends and family. Examples are:

  • Vermont Gas Systems, and any other Utilities not listed above

  • Cable TV and Internet Service Providers (except Burlington Telecom)

  • Banks, Brokers, and Lawyers

  • Doctors, Dentists, and other Health Care professionals

  • Insurance companies

  • Service professionals

  • Non-Profits and Membership Organizations

  • Magazine and other subscription services

  • Friends and Family