City Council

Burlington Advisory Committee on Accessibility

Official Notice of City ADA Compliance and Designation

The City recognizes that communities excel when all citizens are able to fully participate in all aspects of community life. In 2012, the City Council created an Advisory Committee on Accessibility for the purpose of assisting and advising the Mayor, City Council, and City departments on ways to increase opportunities for people with disabilities and meet the needs of people with disabilities by encouraging full and equal participation in all aspects of life. This includes the identification and removal of architectural, procedural, programmatic, attitudinal and communication barriers, and strong advocacy for policies, programs and services that meet the needs of people with disabilities.

Reorganization of Accessibility Committee into Accessibility Working Group

In recent years, the Committee worked to identify a specific focus to drive its efforts. Without a clear mission, it remained unclear which Departments should staff the meeting, and what specific projects or initiatives Committee members should address. To remedy both challenges, the Marketplace Department contracted with a consultant on the advice of VCIL to help clarify the Committee’s goals in 2016.

Pursuant to the consultant’s recommendations, the City determined that the best structure for the Accessibility Committee would be as a working group focused specifically on ensuring accessibility in the downtown as the City works on multiple projects in this and the coming construction seasons. The REIB Office has taken the lead on managing the committee’s monthly meetings, with support from the Department of Public Works and Parks, Recreation & Waterfront and Clerk/Treasurer’s Office on an as-needed basis.