Bank and Cherry Streets Public Improvements

As part of Burlington’s ongoing effort to reinvest in our downtown and engage our community, we invite you to learn more about proposed improvements to Bank and Cherry Streets and upcoming public meetings. In 2016, Burlington voters approved $22M in Tax Increment Financing (TIF) for purchasing the reconstructed St. Paul and Pine Streets and improvements to Cherry and Bank Streets. The CityPlace Burlington (CPB) developer will be designing and constructing the new segments of St. Paul and Pine Streets prior to the City’s acquisition of these streets. The City is developing the conceptual designs for the future of Bank and Cherry Streets using the Great Streets Standards for Burlington’s Downtown. This is about place, space and designing a downtown for all Burlingtonians. 

The City will be developing the conceptual designs for Bank and Cherry Streets, which can include the following:

  • Cherry Street Streetscape Upgrades, including streetscape, stormwater, utility, lighting and multimodal transportation improvements.


  • Bank Street Streetscape Upgrades, including streetscape, stormwater, utility, lighting and multimodal transportation improvements.


TIF will be used for public improvements to 8 street segments (above) around the CPB Site.


Design Process and Schedule

The City kicked off the design process for Bank and Cherry Streets in early 2018 utilizing the Great Streets Design Standards for Burlington’s Downtown to generate the goals for the project and the base concept.  The primary goals for the Streets are:

  • Walkable and bikeable — safe for all modes and all levels of accessibility
  • Sustainable — both environmentally sustainable, and long-lasting
  • Vibrant — to support the downtown’s diverse range of public and private activities
  • Functional — work for all users, flexible, can be maintained, affordable

To balance the use public right of way among all users, pedestrians, motor vehicles, transit vehicles, bicycles delivery vehicles and utilities, where applicable the base concept will use the cross sections below.


Cherry Street Bank Street


    Street Design Concept Plans Development

    Draft conceptual plans were developed for the two segments of Bank Street between Church and Pine Streets and for the four segments of Cherry Street between Church and Battery Streets. These plans were utilized in the publice outreach during April of 2018. Initial draft base design concepts can be reviewed here, and two design options for the potential intersection of Bank and St. Paul Streets here

    We sought feedback focused on layering of streetscape amenities over the base design. These were the questions discussed in small groups with some sample images of possible amenities. We hope that people who were not able to join us at the public meetings will find these questions and examples here helpful in providing comments to the City. 


    A quick look at the design plans linked above may seem similar to the streets as they are today, but the current concept plans:

    • Bury the overhead utilities on Bank Street between St Paul and Pine Streets (to allow for bigger healthier trees and a cleaner look)
    • Renew the water and wastewater infrastructure on both streets
    • Add a separate stormwater line under Cherry Street to connect to College Street outfall
    • Install either soil cells or other optimum growing medium for the street trees
    • Provide permeable pavers in greenbelt to take stormwater from sidewalk and treebelt to feed the trees
    • Install granite curbs that will have a longer life than concrete (and they look nicer too!)
    • Add bump outs that will narrow pedestrian crossings and add planting / activation areas
    • Install new lighting fixtures consistent with BED design standards and meet current lighting standards for both the sidewalk and the street
    • Add amenities along the streets based on input from these public meetings


    The concept designs reference planBTV Walk Bike, in which the community identified Pearl Street and Main Street as the priority corridors for dedicated, separated bikeways to travel east-west by bike. Pearl and Main Streets provide connectivity to other bikeways to the east and west, while Cherry and Bank Streets fill important gaps for just 3 to 4 blocks in the downtown core.  Additionally, planBTV Walk Bike prioritizes pedestrian safety on Cherry and Bank Streets, where people commented on difficult intersections to cross.



    To view the comments received through public meetings, online forms, and email, Click Here

    To view additional comments Click Here

    The City will also solicit feedback through various public meetings and outreach to abutting property owners and businesses. This process is time sensitive and the time for public participation and providing focused feedback is primarily in the month of April.



    Street Design Concept Plans Refinement and Adoption

    Following the public outreach in April of 2018, DPW Commission meetings, and TEUC meetings; staff has revised the conceptual plans to balance the input that we have received against plans and designs standards for the street. These revised concepts will be brought forward to the City Council per for their adoption. Following the adoption of the conceputual plans for the streets they will be advanced to 30% design, 75% design, and ultimately 100%.


                Cherry Street Conceputal Plan

                Bank Street Conceptual Plan


    30% Design Plans for Bank and Cherry

    After receiving approval of the concept plans at the May 21, 2018 City Council meeting the City with the help of our consultant Stantec Consulting advanced the concepts to 30% design plans. These plans start to utilize the survey, underground utilities and other existing features to refine the concept plan into plans that can be constructed. The 30% plans have been presented to the TEUC on August 1, 2018; and will go before the City Council in September. Plans can be viewed here:

                       30% Design Plan Bank and Cherry

    Events / Meetings


    Individuals with disabilities who require assistance or special arrangements to participate in programs and activities of the Community and Economic Development Office (CEDO) are encouraged to contact the CEDO at least 72 hours in advance so that proper accommodations can be arranged. For information, call 802-865-7144 (865-7144 TTY) Presentation from TEUC


    Past Event/Meetings

    August 1, 2018 - Transportation, Energy and Utilities Committee, 30% Design Plans

    May 21, 2018 - City Council, presentation and approval (see agenda and communication)

                Cherry Street Conceputal Plan

                Bank Street Conceptual Plan

                Presentation to City Council

    May 16, 2018 - Public Works Commission Presentation, approval and recommendation, 6:30pm - 645 Pine Street



    May 16, 2018 - Transportation, Energy and Utilities Committee, approval and recommendation to City Council of conceptual design, 5:00pm - 645 Pine Street 


    May 1, 2018 - Transportation, Energy and Utilities Committee, presentation and public comments, 5:30pm - 645 Pine Street, Click Here,    

    Presentation from TEUC

    April 18, 2018 - Public Works Commission Presentation. For materials and meeting notes, click here

    April 10, 2018 - Public Meeting on Bank and Cherry Street Design Concepts, Presentation

    • See the initial draft design concepts reviewed at the meeting here, and the two options for the potential intersection of Bank and St. Paul Streets here.

    March 27, 2018 - Introduction of the base Bank and Cherry Street design concepts to the Transportation Energy and Utility Committee


    Please provide us with your thoughts, comments and questions here before May 3rd, 2018.