DPW Water Resources Asks the Public to “Pipe Up!”

DPW Water Resources Asks the Public to “Pipe Up!” 

In observance of World Water Day, Burlington residents are reminded to identify their water service line 

Burlington – World Water Day (WWD) is this Friday March 22nd. WWD was first designated by the United Nations in 1993 as a way to highlight the importance of clean water. While the Department of Public Works’ Water Resources team works 24/7 (literally!) to provide access to clean water, they have a special message to share today: 

“On this World Water Day, we remind you to PIPE UP BURLINGTON and complete your water service line survey!”  


Burlington Water Resources is working with the State of Vermont and the Environmental Protection Agency on a nationwide requirement to identify and remove potential sources of lead from public drinking water.  As part of this requirement, municipalities are required to confirm or identify the materials of every water service line in the city. The City of Burlington has no record of active lead service lines and does not expect to find any lead lines. This inventory is also great opportunity for us to identify service lines and components that may need replacement to maintain high water quality and water pressure.   

Water Resources is asking the public to "pipe up" and participate by completing the survey available at



Where is my service line? Your water service line enters the property through the foundation and connects to your water meter in the basement. If the property does not have a basement then look in another protected area like a utility closet or garage.  



How do I determine what kind of service line I have, and what do I do? Find your service line, identify its color, use a magnet and upload a photo for us  at!


As a renter, do I need to do anything? We will coordinate directly with the property owner or manager to identify the incoming service line. 

What if I can’t complete these steps? We’re here to help! Call us at 802-863-4501 or email us at

What happens if my water service line needs to be replaced? How much will this cost me? You will be notified if we have identified your service line as galvanized requiring replacement or lead (unlikely) needing replacement during Phase II of this project. There are currently State grant funds for lead service line replacement and there are likely funds for galvanized services which are deemed by the State to require replacement (not all galvanized services require replacement).   

For a list of frequently asked questions, please visit


For non-urgent questions about the SLIP or anything else, residents are encouraged to email You can expect a reply within 1 business day. For urgent questions or if email is not your preferred method of contact, please call 802-863-4501 (24/7 for urgent questions). 


Language services are provided free of charge. If you or a neighbor is in need of translated material or interpretation, please call 802-863-4501. We contract with Propio which is often able to provide real time interpretation services. To see this message in multiple languages, please visit To see our translated how to guide, please visit on or after 3/22/24. 


Curious about the high quality of water we provide in Burlington? View our USEPA Consumer Confidence Reports at 


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