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10 Year Capital Plan

An Infrastructure Plan for a Sustainable City

One of the major reasons that Burlington is an outstanding place to live, work and visit is that prior generations have made major investments in our streets, sidewalks, bike path, breakwater, parks, water system and more.  That infrastructure is now failing in a number of areas and it is our turn to take the actions necessary to keep this foundation to our quality of life and economy strong.

On September 19, City Council unanimously approved a comprehensive, $50 million, 10-year capital plan and placed the associated bonds on the ballot as Questions #1 and #2. A “Yes” vote on #1 and #2 will address important basic City infrastructure. These water pipes, streets, sidewalks, and firetrucks are the foundation that underpins our commerce and makes our community accessible.

After two years of municipal property tax rate cuts, and with the City’s finances restored to a strong position and interest rates at historic lows, now is the most cost-effective time to address this growing challenge.  

Non-property tax revenues will pay for over 40 percent of the plan in order to keep the impact on property taxes as low as possible.  The plan would add a couple of dollars a month to the median property tax bill in 2018, and it would go up a little bit more each of the four years after that as the $27.5 million general obligation bond you will vote on is drawn down incrementally between now and Fiscal Year 2021.

In return, residents will see vastly improved streets and sidewalks, the replacement of 2/3rds of our fleet of aging fire trucks, a completed Bike Path renovation and enhancement, updated water mains, and much more. Find more information below:

Frequently Asked Questions

What are "capital improvements"? What exactly will you be voting on in November? What will the plan mean for your neighborhood? Click the link above for these and other FAQs.

Capital Plan White Paper and Supporting Documents

Capital Plan White Paper: Infrastructure Plan for a Sustainable City

Total 10-Year Spreadsheet

New/Additional Revenues to Address FY 17-FY 21 Capital Needs

Why Do We Need a Water Bond Now? 

Water Borrowing and Rate Impact Summary 

Public Meeting Documents

Resolution to Issue General Obligation Bonds for Capital Projects - Special City Meeting 11-8-16

Resolution to Issue Revenue Bonds for the Department of Public Works - Water Div. Special City Meeting 11-8-16 

10 Year Capital Plan Powerpoint Presentation

An estimated 42 percent of our water mains are older than 75 years old.

Five of our six fire vehicles are nearing the end of their service life, and responsibly replacing these necessary vehicles carries a substantial cost.

16 percent of our sidewalk system is in serious to failed condition.

The Waterfront Bike Path generates millions of dollars in economic activity for the City every year, yet in many areas is in poor and deteriorating condition and does not meet modern standards.