Intervale Road Pathway

Project Description

The Intevale Road Pathway project will connect bicyclists and pedestrians from Riverside Avenue to the Intervale Center. The goal of this project is to enable safer access for community members to the Intervale Center and McKenzie Park. See the presentation from our September 28, 2023 Public Informational Meeting here.


The final result of this project will be a curb-separated ten-foot-wide shared-use path along the west side of the paved section of Intervale Road between Riverside Avenue and the Intervale Center. 

Prior Planning

In late 2017 and 2018, the City worked with CCRPC, the Intervale Center, and consultant VHB to study walking and biking improvements along Intervale Road. More information about the this planning project--including past meetings, and conceptual designs discussed--can be found on the CCRPC website: Intervale Road Pedestrian and Bicycle Access Feasibility Study - CCRPC (

You can also view the Final Report from this project through the CCRPC website: Intervale Road Bike Ped Feasibility Study Final Report - CCPRC (


Contact Julia Ursaki at or 802-809-1355