Sponsor & Advertising Services - Parks, Recreation & Waterfront

The City of Burlington Department of Parks, Recreation and Waterfront (BPRW) seeks an established development professional with a proven sales record to recruit and maintain special event sponsorships as well as advertising assets associated with the City's recreation and park properties (e.g. event sponsorships, park banners, athletic league sponsorships, arena dasher boards, etc.) that maximizes revenue to support the department’s mission and programs. The selected Sponsorship and Advertising Vendor (SAV) will develop annual sponsorship levels for a wide variety of special events and work closely with the marketing and event team to ensure proper fulfillment of the City's sponsorship obligations. The contract will be maintained for three years with an option to renew for an additional two years, contingent upon the program’s success. Both the City and the SAV would have the ability to revoke the contract as referenced in section 33 of the Standard Contract Conditions. This Request for Proposals (RFP) covers the areas available for advertising in BPRW. The enclosed documents provide instructions, background information, and the required proposal forms for Respondents to develop their formal proposals to BPRW. There is no expressed nor implied obligation in these documents for BTV to reimburse Respondents for any expenses incurred in preparing proposals in response to this RFP.

Proposals will be due by 4:00 PM, on April 7, 2023

Questions due by: March 29, 2023
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Parks, Recreation & Waterfront
RFP Deadline: 
Friday, April 7, 2023
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