Statement Regarding Winter Access for the Public to the Grounds of the Burlington Country Club

December 9, 2020
Contact: Olivia LaVecchia
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Statement Regarding Winter Access for the Public to the Grounds of the Burlington Country Club


Burlington, VT – In recent weeks, the Burlington Country Club stated that it was going to restrict public access to its grounds during the winter months. Today, Mayor Miro Weinberger released the following statement:

“I was disappointed to hear that the Burlington Country Club officially closed their property to the public, especially because during the pandemic, outdoor activity and access to open space is vital. I thought the action was out of step with the coordinated and collaborative efforts that so many Burlington and Vermont institutions have taken to support public health during the pandemic.

“Accordingly, I met on Monday with the President of the Board and General Manager of the Burlington Country Club.  I listened to the Club's concerns and decision-making process about public access and then expressed my strong views that they should immediately revert back to the former policy of not restricting the public use of their grounds in the winter. On Tuesday, the Burlington Country Club took action to remove the ‘No Trespassing’ signs by the end of the week, and agreed not to prohibit public access to their grounds this winter in support of public health during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“I’m appreciative of all of the Burlingtonians who raised this concern with my office. Thank you to Ward 6 City Councilor Karen Paul, who has been working for months with neighbors and the Club leadership to allow residents to access the grounds in the winter. Thank you to South District Councilor Joan Shannon for her advocacy for public access as well. And lastly, thank you to the Board of the Burlington Country Club for their willingness to quickly reconsider this change. I recognize that Burlington Country Club has concerns about the use and treatment of their property and remind all Burlingtonians that if they access that property they should treat it respectfully, be mindful of any areas that are roped off, and avoid damaging this winter outdoor resource."

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