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Pine Street (Kilburn to Flynn) Updates


14 May 2018



We would like to provide an update on our Lower Pine Street projects. As part of the second year of the city’s implementation of the Sustainable Infrastructure Plan, we are currently repaving a large segment of Lower Pine St and are about to commence two parallel water main upgrades within that same stretch -- one of which is over 100 years old.

The road work will bring an improved travel experience to residents, visitors and business customers. Relining our water mains will reduce the chance of water main breaks and will increase fire flow capability. This is a unique opportunity to significantly improve our city’s core infrastructure, and we thank you for your patience as we try to execute our coordinated infrastructure projects quickly and safely.


  • Lakeside to Flynn: We are happy to share that the paving work on this stretch is complete, except for some less intensive aspects of the project – likely necessitating only minor traffic disruptions on that stretch.

  • Kilburn to Lakeside: Our contractors began work on April 23 - the day asphalt plants opened. While they are still on course to finish this first phase of paving work by mid-May, this slightly condensed schedule meant more intense periods of work, additional equipment on the road and no safe way to maintain parking during the day. Therefore, while we originally expected some intermittent parking, we do not anticipate the ability to have parking available during the day during this stretch of paving work.


  • This week -- PAVING:

    • Paving everything remaining between Kilburn to Howard. Parking will then be available once again on this stretch.

    • Leaving the easternmost parking lane as dirt between Howard and Lakeside. This will allow the water team to dig pits for the first phase of the water relining project.

    • Paving crews will be back later in summer to pave this easternmost lane, and finish striping the road. Afterward, traffic patterns will return to normal and parking will once again be available.

  • Next week - WATER

    • Our water team and contractors will begin working in mid-May to reline two water mains between Howard and Lakeside. As mentioned, a few pits will be dug in the parking lane and equipment will need to be stored in this lane as well. Therefore, it is unsafe to allow to parking between Howard and Lakeside on Pine during this work. We expect to maintain two way traffic during this project. We will have some planned excavation work in the new pavement but when the water work is done a top layer of pavement will be applied.

    • We will provide connections to safe, temporary water which will be necessary during this work. Please read more about the project details here:

    • There may be periodic short disruptions of water service over the duration of the project during certain tie in periods and then a short duration disruption (~2 hours) on the day your water service is connected to the new water line.

    • For questions or issues related to this project or your water supply (24/7): 802-495-6284


Seldomly, our water projects may cause unplanned service pressure disruptions for which we are very sorry for the inconvenience. We do have protocols in place to notify you in advance of planned disruptions and will try to avoid these unplanned disruptions wherever possible.

During construction work on the water system, any time we open and close valves (the timing of which can’t always be predicted) this can cause changes in pressure in the system which can disturb the tuberculation (naturally forming rust/sediment deposits) in the surrounding system and cause safe, but discolored water. Occasionally, this may also affect those residents on temporary water.

We recommend that when you experience discolored tap water that you run the taps (COLD not HOT) until clear to flush the lines. This can take up to 10-20 minutes depending on the severity. If it does not clear with this flushing, please do contact our 24/7 # 863-4501.    


We appreciate your patience and partnership on these important projects. For details on all the projects the city is undertaking, please visit our Construction Portal at For any additional information on these projects, please reach out to DPW’s Public Information Manager, Robert Goulding, at 802-540-0846 or email at

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