Patrick Leahy Burlington International Airport Officially Renamed, New Logo Revealed

Burlington, Vt. –During a dedication ceremony last week, Vermont’s largest airport was officially renamed the “Patrick Leahy Burlington International Airport,” or “Leahy BTV” for short, in honor of Senator Patrick Leahy and his lasting contributions to the Airport, to the City of Burlington, and to Vermont. Mayor Miro Weinberger first announced his intent to rename the airport during his final State of the City in April, and the Burlington City Council took action to approve the change in May.

Joined by his wife Marcelle and many colleagues, friends, and family, Senator Leahy was present as the new logo was unveiled on the side of the Terminal; the same building Senator Leahy was instrumental in securing funding for. Mayor Weinberger, Governor Scott, representatives of Vermont’s federal delegation, City Councilors, legislative leaders, local business and community leaders, and members of the City Team were all in attendance for the celebration. 

“The benefits of Senator Leahy’s leadership and long career of service are immense. He has shaped the laws of our country with great integrity and moral strength – and shown me and countless others what good government and thoughtful governance can do to make the lives of the people we serve better, safer, and more just,” said Mayor Miro Weinberger. “For over 100 years, Burlington has been the proud steward of the airport where hundreds of thousands of travelers pass through each year and see a glimpse of the best of Vermont and Burlington – a place where we invest in safety and innovation, where we value local goods, labor, and artists, where the wellbeing of our community drives progress, and where we take pride and pleasure in hospitality. It is perfectly fitting that now and forever, this will be called the Patrick Leahy Burlington International Airport.”

“When a young man from Montpelier boarded a plane to take his first ever from Burlington Airport, I never could have imagined this day. That was the first of many memories and what became an endless number of flights over more than four decades of travelling back and forth to Washington. I can still picture that small terminal with no jetways when I took that first flight.  I was in the crowd when candidate John F. Kennedy stopped at Burlington Airport on a final campaign swing to speak before an overflowing crowd.  The next day, he was elected President.  And there have been countless joyous reunions, some more notable than others, such as when Captain Richard Phillips returned from being rescued by the Navy seals to a huge crowd of international press,” said Senator Patrick Leahy. “I have always believed that a vibrant Burlington airport is an important component to the economic vitality of Vermont. Not only is it a gateway for visitors to our state that support our food and hospitality industries but access to air travel is important for the Vermont business community at large.”

President Biden and numerous Vermont leaders shared their gratitude and congratulations for Senator Leahy:

In a previous statement, President Biden said to Leahy, “Countless early mornings and late-night flights doing the people’s business. It’s fitting that the Burlington International Airport will be named after you. Everyone who flies through will remember your tenacity and your service, your honesty, your dignity and the best of what you’ve provided for our country.”

Governor Phil Scott: “My friend Senator Leahy has carved out a legacy that will benefit Vermonters for generations to come, and that’s because he always served with an eye on what’s best for our state. The dedication of BTV is a fitting tribute to honor that legacy, and his ongoing contributions to Vermont.” 

Senator Peter Welch: “My predecessor Patrick Leahy was a giant of the Senate and a tireless champion for Vermonters. He brought the voices of hardworking Vermont families with him to our nation’s Capitol for nearly 50 years, and fought to bring millions of dollars of federal investments to Vermont to strengthen and redevelop our state. Margaret and I are delighted to celebrate Patrick, Marcelle, and the Leahy family with the renaming of the Patrick Leahy Burlington International Airport. It’s a well-deserved honor, and we thank him for his decades of service.”

Congresswoman Becca Balint: “Senator Leahy always kept the needs of Vermonters front and center in his work in Washington. I’m thrilled to honor Senator Leahy and his wife, Marcelle through renaming of the Patrick Leahy Burlington International Airport. This tribute will serve as a reminder to Vermonters and visitors of the Senator's steadfast service and dedication to our state.”

Director of Aviation Nic Longo: “From our humble beginnings as Vermont farmland, through our 100+ year history of innovation within aviation and air travel, our shared passion to reach toward the skies has long been a cornerstone of BTV’s existence. Evolution, Passion, Service, and Innovation define our airports history and will continue to fuel our progress for the next century to come under the name Patrick Leahy Burlington International Airport.”

The timing of the new logo unveiling is fitting as the Patrick Leahy Burlington International Airport continues efforts with over $180 million in capital projects over the coming years; with much of the funds being secured by Senator Patrick Leahy.

Details of those projects and the airport’s sustainability efforts can be found at


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