Mayor Weinberger Statement Following Release of 2020 Census Population Data 

Mayor Weinberger Statement Following Release of 2020 Census Population Data 

Burlington, VT – Preliminary findings from the 2020 Census, by the City of Burlington’s analytics team, show the City has experienced a more than 5% population gain since 2010, from 42,417 to 44,743, making this the first census since 1960 which documented two consecutive decades of population growth.  More than 1,500 new homes were built in Burlington after 2010. Mayor Weinberger made the following statement:  

“This long-awaited census data affirms that the aggressive housing agenda pursued by my Administration has begun to create much-needed, new, non-student housing opportunities. The growth in neighboring municipalities shows us there is even more progress to be made in breaking down zoning barriers that are holding the city back and driving up housing costs. And, by building more homes and businesses with a clear commitment to both equity and achieving Net Zero, we can ensure that before the next Census -- Burlington is an even stronger, greener, more just, and prosperous community.” 



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