Mayor Weinberger Announces that the City Will Open New Pop-Up Testing This Week in the New North End

November 11, 2020
Contact: Olivia LaVecchia
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Mayor Weinberger Announces that the City Will Open New Pop-Up Testing This Week in the New North End

Burlington, VT – Today, Burlington Mayor Miro Weinberger announced that the City will offer free Covid-19 testing on Thursday and Friday at the Robert Miller Community and Recreation Center in the New North End. Wastewater monitoring in that part of the City has indicated that Covid-19 may be on the rise, and wastewater detection of the virus can occur as much as 3-7 days before increased prevalence becomes apparent through positive tests.

“With the support of the Vermont Department of Health and in partnership with Garnet Health, we’re taking this step in order to increase access to testing for residents in the New North End,” said Mayor Weinberger. “We are committed to doing everything we can as a city to supplement the State’s total testing capacity amidst the recent increases of Covid-19 in Vermont.”

Testing is free to the public. Reservations are required and are available through Garnet Health at this link, which is separate from the Department of Health’s system. The testing at the Miller Center is intended for people who live or work in the New North End. Please check the Health Department website for information about additional testing options.

“The results from the wastewater monitoring are an early indicator that cases of Covid-19 in our community may be increasing,” said Mayor Weinberger. “Consistent with new State guidance announced Sunday, I encourage Burlingtonians to consider getting tested if you live in the New North End and have recently traveled, expanded your social circle to include new people, or participated in gatherings in the days immediately before or since Halloween. If you have symptoms, you should call your primary care provider to be scheduled for testing.”

The City also has worked with Garnet Health to establish both rapid and traditional Covid-19 testing options at the Burlington International Airport. The tests available at the Miller Center pop-up site will be the traditional PCR tests. The City will cover the cost of this testing using emergency funds authorized by the City Council in March, and will explore options for reimbursement.

“Thank you to the City team, the Vermont Department of Health, and Garnet Health for working with urgency to make this new testing option available to the people of Burlington,” said Mayor Weinberger. “Launching this new capacity so quickly has required a cross-departmental team that includes everyone from our Airport, to the Parks Department providing the facility, to the Fire Department providing a generator, and I am grateful.

“I once again urge all Burlingtonians to take action to protect themselves, their loved ones, and their neighbors by bringing this current growth in local infections under control. Now is a time to avoid high-risk activities, and to follow the Department of Health’s new guidance on social gatherings, travel, and testing, and remember the principles of ‘masks on faces, six-foot spaces, and uncrowded places.’ As in earlier stages of this pandemic, we can keep the spread of the virus in check if we work together and exercise vigilance. “

Pop-Up Testing Details:

When: Thursday 1:00-4:00 pm and Friday 9:00 am-1:00 pm

Where: Miller Center, 130 Gosse Court, Burlington

How: Reservations are required (no walk-ins). Reservations are available through Garnet Health at this link:

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