Mayor Weinberger Announces Project NexT at Leahy BTV

New Terminal Building Leads the Way in Sustainability and Efficiency and Improves Traveler Experience; Funded by $34 million FAA Grant Directed by Senator Leahy 

Burlington, VT - Yesterday, Mayor Miro Weinberger and Aviation Director Nic Longo unveiled the City’s plans for a new terminal building “Project NexT” to replace the north concourse, the latest and largest sustainable infrastructure project at Patrick Leahy Burlington International Airport. The new design will enhance operational efficiency while improving the traveler experience and will set the stage for future growth at the airport. Present at the announcement was Senator Patrick Leahy, who directed $34 million in FAA funds to execute the project.  

“Of all Burlington’s stories of recovery and investment over the past 12 years, none has been more dramatic than the Airport. On the day I came into office, it was one of just two junk-bond rated airports in the country and was courting disaster with less than one month's cash on hand,” said Mayor Miro Weinberger. “Today, Patrick Leahy Burlington International Airport is one of the busiest airports in New England and is one of the great economic engines of the region – contributing close to half-a-billion dollars to the local economy every year. The plans we have unveiled for the new terminal will bring LeahyBTV into the future and create a stronger, busier, greener airport for hundreds of thousands of Vermonters and visitors to enjoy for years to come.” 

Project NexT has been on the Airport’s planning and development Master Plan for close to a decade. As Leahy BTV has adapted to new aviation technologies and traveler demands, Project NexT is the natural next step in the transformation of the Airport. The terminal building will be transformed to become linear and interconnected to enhance operational efficiency and safety. For travelers, improved amenities will be offered, inclusive of new vendor space, gate areas, and jet bridges. For airport partners, airline storage and baggage claim space will be re-designed to meet current equipment needs.  

“A vibrant Burlington airport is an important component to the economic vitality of Vermont,” said Senator Leahy. “Not only is it a gateway for visitors to our state that support our food and hospitality industries but access to air travel is important for Vermonters and Vermont businesses.” 

Funding to execute Project NexT is anticipated from the FAA through the typical Airport Improvement Program (AIP) process, with the funds coming with Senator Leahy’s support in the FY23 Congressional Directed Spending Bill. The appropriation provides 90% funding once the project is bid and the grant offer is received. The Mayor will bring the bid and grant acceptance for Council Approval at the final council meeting on March 25. The 10% local share will be supplemented with Passenger Facility Charges (PFC).  

“As can be seen in the completed Terminal Integration Project and recent efforts like EV fleet upgrades and our new renewable energy pilot, Leahy BTV is commitment to carbon-neutrality. This commitment to a cleaner and brighter future for the airport and our community will continue with Project NexT,” said Nic Longo, Director of Aviation, Patrick Leahy Burlington International Airport. “Today’s announcement is a significant milestone in achieving our long-term sustainability, operational, and safety goals, which we are actively work towards everyday. We hope that by pushing the boundaries of what's possible and leading by example, we are shaping a greener future for Airports across the country.” 

In line with the forward-thinking vision and mission at Leahy BTV, sustainability lies at the core of this new development. The design incorporates a myriad of elements aimed at minimizing environmental impact, reducing reliance on natural gas, and harnessing renewable energy sources for electricity generation. Sustainability and efficiency efforts in the design and construction of Project NexT include: 

  • Net-Zero Energy: By harnessing renewable energy sources such as solar and geothermal power, the new building will reduce the environmental impact of airport operations by producing as much energy as it consumes with geothermal and solar technology. 

  • Smart Infrastructure: Through the integration of cutting-edge technologies, Project NexT is optimizing efficiency. Smart sensors, data analytics, and AI-driven systems enable us to monitor energy and water usage, optimize traffic flow, and minimize waste. 

  • Circular Economy Initiatives: Embracing the principles of the circular economy, Project NexT is implementing innovative strategies to minimize waste and maximize resources. From recycled building materials to closed-loop water systems, we are reimagining the way we design, build, and operate out Airport. 

This ambitious project is not just about accommodating larger aircraft and boosting passenger capacity; it's about ushering Leahy BTV into the future with modern amenities tailored to meet the demands of the next generation of travelers. The new design will support the growth of the airport and improve the traveler experience by: 

  • Replacing the North Concourse, adding approximately 25,000 SF of new gross floor area on the second level; four (4) new aircraft gate replacements; four (4) new passenger boarding bridge replacements, and new space for passenger circulation; 

  • Adding a third floor dedicated to office space, catering to airport administration needs, alongside a versatile public event and observation area. This space will boast both indoor event facilities and outdoor patio areas, offering a dynamic experience for visitors, guests, and events; 

  • Shifting the new north concourse, the terminal expansion will be located 150'+ farther from Taxiway Alpha, thus improving airfield safety; 

  • Expanding interior space designed according to FAA standards and provide room for passenger quantities and future forecast, which currently does not exist, for all of the aircraft sizes that use Leahy BTV. 

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