Mayor Miro Weinberger Statement Regarding Outstanding Trump Invoice



June 8, 2016
Contact:  Katie Vane


Mayor Miro Weinberger Statement Regarding Outstanding Trump Invoice


“After careful investigation into the First Amendment and other legal considerations, we have come to the conclusion that it would be difficult to hold Donald Trump legally liable for the costs the City incurred to make his January rally in Burlington a safe and successful event. Thus, it would not be cost effective for the City to pursue collections remedies through the courts.

“That said, Mr. Trump’s failure to cooperate with local law enforcement officials and lack of communication with the public and ticketholders put undue strain on the City’s police, and unnecessarily hurt downtown businesses. Paying the invoice remains the right and honorable thing for Mr. Trump to do.

“Finally, I want to again thank the Burlington Police for their exemplary work during Mr. Trump’s visit to Burlington. The skill and professionalism of our officers were critical in ensuring that Mr. Trump’s Burlington rally did not result in the kind of violence and chaos that have all too often accompanied his campaign events.”



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