Mayor Miro Weinberger Statement on Act 250 Reforms

Burlington, Vt. –  Before adjourning, the Legislature separated problematic Act 250 reform – which was opposed by seven of Vermont’s mayors, builders, and housing professionals – from important pro-housing initiatives.


Today, Mayor Miro Weinberger issued the following statement on these events:


“Thank you to the Governor for taking a resolute stand for affordable housing and to the Vermont Legislature for listening to the mayors, builders and housing professionals and taking action to address Vermont’s acute housing crisis without linking those efforts to an ill-conceived, anti-housing Act 250 reform. This late change will result in material, on-the-ground progress for everyone on the front lines of making good on the promise that housing is a human right.


“We have much more to do to reform our local and state housing laws to make them truly pro-housing. We need Act 250 reform that makes it far easier to build much-needed housing and other investments in and around Vermont’s cities and towns while increasing our state protection of high-value natural areas. This year’s Act 250 reform bill did not get that balance close to right and Vermont’s cities and towns were left out of the process that created it. The City of Burlington would welcome the opportunity to engage before next session in a new effort aimed at these linked, dual goals of much more housing and better environmental protection.”

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