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Mayor Miro Weinberger Announces Mayor's Week in School


March 13, 2013
Contact:  Mike Kanarick

Mayor Miro Weinberger Announces Mayor’s Week in School
Connect Students, Teachers with City Government and Highlight Work of Partnership for Change

Burlington, VT – Mayor Miro Weinberger today announced during a news conference at Burlington High School (BHS) that he would be relocating the Mayor’s Office to BHS next week.  Weinberger’s goals while spending one full week at BHS include: connecting the BHS students with the inner workings of City government; learning more about and celebrating the great work the students and their teachers are doing at BHS; and raising public awareness about the re-design process underway with the Partnership for Change, a grant-funded initiative in Burlington and Winooski to redesign their high schools.

“I am very excited about moving the Mayor’s Office to Burlington High School and using this opportunity to shine a light on the important work of the Partnership for Change,” said Weinberger.  “I look forward to learning more about what it’s like to be a student at BHS, and to hearing the thoughts, concerns, and suggestions of the students, teachers, and other members of the Burlington School District team and community.  I’m also eager to share with the school community the workings of City government.”

Weinberger and his Mayor’s Office team – Assistants to the Mayor Carina Driscoll and Mike Kanarick and Administrative Assistant Jennifer Kaulius – will conduct their daily City business at BHS from Monday through Friday, including a monthly all-department heads meeting and a number of other regularly-scheduled meetings.  The Mayor’s Office team will set up its operations in Assistant Principal Nick Molander’s office.

Additionally, Weinberger will host a kick-off event with student government leaders, school administrative leaders and Governor Peter Shumlin, a business roundtable, and a town hall meeting closing ceremony.  Further, Weinberger will join students and teachers in their classrooms, convene a Youth Advisory Council lunch, meet with students and community members in the BHS cafeteria during “Bagels at BHS,” which will take the place of his weekly New North End “Mornings with Miro” public coffee, meet with UVM President Tom Sullivan, ride the bus to school one morning, and even get some exercise participating in pitcher/catcher practice.

Students will have opportunities to volunteer for the Mayor during the week.  For example, student staffers will help brief the Mayor for upcoming meetings, keep the Mayor to his schedule, escort him to meetings, and sit in on those meetings when possible.  Members of the student press corps will join us throughout the week and be encouraged to tweet, blog, post to Facebook, write articles, and take photographs chronicling the Mayor’s week.  The Mayor invites the public to join him and BHS student tweeters for a schools conversation through Twitter:  #bsdvt; #Mirobsdvt; #MiroBHS; #winooski; @partnershipvt; and @MiroBTV.

Weinberger was joined at today’s BHS news conference by schools and community leaders, including:

Martha Maksym, Partnership for Change Steering Committee Chair and United Way of Chittenden County Executive Director
“The Partnership for Change is the bridging entity that will bring our two schools, our two communities and other sectors so critical to student success to the same table. Together, we will implement a new system of student-centered learning, one that recognizes that each student learns differently and that learning happens all the time, everywhere. Our ultimate goal is to make sure our children have the skills and competencies they will need to succeed.”

Jeanne Collins, Burlington School District Superintendent
“We appreciate the Mayor’s commitment to our community schools and welcome him and his team for the week.  We’re fortunate to have such a unique occasion to share our accomplishments, challenges, and goals with the Mayor and other City leaders through the lens of the Partnership for Change, as we seek to improve our educational opportunities for all students.”

Emma Galvin, Co-Chair of the Youth Engagement and Leadership Implementation Team of the Partnership for Change and BHS Senior Class Student Government Representative
“As a student leader with both the partnership and student government, I am thrilled with Mayor Weinberger’s visit to Burlington High School. This is such a wonderful opportunity to highlight the good work that goes on in our schools every single day. But what we must remember is the work doesn’t stop after this week. The conversation between City, school, and community is constantly progressing, and everyone has a role to play.”

Tobias Muellers, BHS Junior Class Student Government Representative
“I am really excited to have Mayor Weinberger come to BHS.  It will be a great opportunity for students to interact with City government, and also a perfect time for BHS as a school to show the Mayor how we are striving to become a better school.  He will see some of the student and administrative struggles firsthand and appreciate how hard BHS is trying to adapt to these challenges.  Putting the Mayor in touch with everyday high school students will help him see issues through their eyes, and students will have the chance to voice any concerns to the one person with the most power in the City to do anything about it.”

Partnership for Change
The purpose of the Partnership for Change initiative is to establish Student-Centered Learning at Winooski and Burlington High Schools.  Student-centered learning is a bold new approach that aims to reshape education for the 21st Century.  The principles behind student-centered learning embrace the fact that different students learn in different ways, including:

  • Being flexible about how time is used for both students and educators, including learning opportunities outside the traditional school day and year;
  • Harnessing the broader community to support and deepen learning experiences;
  • Using curriculum, instruction, and assessment that promotes the skills and knowledge needed for success in college, work and life; and
  • Advancement based on demonstration of proficiency in skills and knowledge, not only on credits and “seat-time.”

The Partnership believes that innovative, rigorous, year-round student-centered approaches that draw on the resources of the larger community will bring about a more equitable system to help meet the economic, social, and educational challenges facing society.

To learn more about the Partnership for Change, please visit

*Please see the Mayor’s Week in School schedule below.

Mayor’s Week in  School Schedule
Events open to the public are bold

Monday, March 18
7:30-9:00am                     LCRCC and GBIC Legislative Breakfast – Sheraton Hotel, South Burlington
9:45-10:30am                   Mayor’s Week in School Kick-Off – BHS Auditorium
11:00am-12:30pm           Mayor’s Office Staff Meeting – BHS
12:50-1:20pm                   Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council Lunch – BHS Cafeteria
5:00-6:00pm                      Parents for Change New American Leaders Dinner – BHS Gourmet Café
6:00pm                               Board of Finance Meeting – BHS Auditorium
7:00pm                               City Council Meeting – BHS Auditorium

Tuesday, March 19
7:15am                                Mayor rides the bus to school – corner of Howard and St. Paul Streets
9:40am                                Mayor reads BHS announcements
10:00am-12:00pm             Department Heads Meeting – BHS Auditorium
12:00pm                              Department Heads Lunch – BHS Cafeteria
1:00pm                                Meeting with Peter Owens, CEDO Director – BHS
2:00pm                                Architect Tour of BHS with Principal Amy Mellencamp
3:15-4:15pm                       BHS Faculty Meet & Greet – BHS Gourmet Café

Wednesday, March 20
7:45am                                Pickup basketball with BHS students – BHS Gym
7:50am                                Mornings with Miro – Bagels with BHS students – BHS Cafeteria
8:50am                                Freshman Academy class participation – BHS
11:15am                              Meeting with Superintendent Jeanne Collins – BHS
12:00pm                              Lunch meeting with Burlington and Winooski School District and City leadership, Partnership for Change leadership – BHS Cafeteria
1:40-3:00pm                        Mayor’s Business Roundtable: Connecting School and Community – BHS Auditorium
5:00-7:30pm                        Partnership for Change Steering Committee Meeting – Winooski High School
7:30pm                                 COTS 30th Anniversary Gala – Burlington Hilton Hotel

Thursday, March 21
9:40-11:00am                     Class participation – BHS
12:00pm                              Meeting with UVM President Tom Sullivan – BHS
1:00pm                                Lunch meeting with City Council President Joan Shannon – BHS Gourmet Café
3:00pm                                Clubs and Activities – BHS
4:30-5:00pm                        BHS Pitcher/Catcher practice – BHS

Friday, March 22
8:30am-12:00pm             We All Belong Training – Miller Recreation Center
12:00pm                             Meeting with Doreen Kraft, BCA Executive Director – BHS Cafeteria
1:30-3:00pm                     Closing Ceremonies / Town Hall Meeting – BHS Auditorium

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