Interim Update: Precautionary Boil Water Advisory In Effect


Sunday 2/16/2020 8:55AM

We would like to share a general update as people are preparing for their day about the precautionary boil water advisory that has been issued through most of Burlington and a very limited part of South Burlington. A water main break on a 16” (large) main at 339 Pine Street led to a depressurization in a significant part of our distribution system. To comply with recent state requirements and out of an abundance of caution, we have issued this precautionary boil water advisory.

You are advised to boil water for one minute and let cool before using for any activities that involve ingesting water, such as drinking it, brushing your teeth or washing dishes. Showering and using toilets as normal are fine.

As indicated in previous messages, the boil water advisory is likely to last until the overnight/early morning hours. Disinfectant residuals throughout the South End (where samples have been taken thus far) indicate normal system conditions, with the risk of bacterial contamination being extremely low.

For vulnerable populations (e.g., those with compromised immune systems) who cannot boil their water, we do have some limited bottled water available at the Water Plant. Please call 802-863-4501 if you are in need of water. If you notice anything else related to the water system that requires urgent attention you can call that same number.

You can read the order that was issued and check a map to view affected addresses (most of Burlington, except the high service area, is under this advisory) here: There is a list of addresses in South Burlington on our service at that link, as well.

You can sign up for urgent alerts at We will send robocalls, texts and emails to registered users and robocalls to ALL landlines in Burlington once the order is lifted.

Translations for Somali, Nepali, Swahili and French have been shared on this feed. Please message us if you need them.

While we do not anticipate many updates today, we will be updating all channels once the advisory is lifted.

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