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Construction Info: Maple/Pine/Colchester + Clean Sweep

We are excited to begin construction during Year 2 of the Sustainable Infrastructure Plan - to revitalize aging streets, sidewalks and water infrastructure. Thanks to voter approval of two capital bonds in 2016, we are moving our infrastructure onto a sustainable schedule of maintenance, repair and replacement. These will be long-term improvements that bring much needed resiliency to our core infrastructure. There will also be short term disruptions to traffic and parking. We hope to keep you reliably informed and make resources available to you as you need to reach us. While we will be providing a series of websites, you should always feel free to call us directly at 802-863-9094 if you prefer to speak with someone. You can always see a map or list of paving, sidewalk, water and other project at the Burlington Construction Portal here,

*Highlights* - We had a robust year of paving planned and in response to the winter deterioration of our arteries, have significantly expanded our paving/patching list. We will be paving 5+ miles of road, whereas prior to 2017 we normally averaged 3 miles. This year, we will be rehabilitating over 3 miles of drinking water infrastructure. Before 2017 we were only able to reactively replace pipes after they broke. We are also aiming to reconstruct over 3 miles of sidewalk, tripling the average from pre-2017 construction years. We will also be continuing our preventative maintenance program on streets and sidewalks to preserve these investments and extend their lifespan. You can read more about the Sustainable Infrastructure Plan here,

*Lower Downtown: Pine/Maple/Battery/St. Paul Updates* - We expect to begin mobilizing during the week of April 9th. We will be rehabilitating two water mains on Maple between Battery and St. Paul and one main on Pine St between Main and Maple. At the same time, we will be adding vertical mounted, pedestrian actuated traffic signals at Battery and Maple and bringing the curbs into ADA compliance. These projects will last through June. At that time, we will then pave Maple between Battery and just east of the St. Paul intersection. Throughout much of the construction season, Maple St between Battery and Pine will be a local traffic only street; Battery St south of King will also be mostly local traffic only. Pine St will be one way north of Maple until June. In June, the Great Streets Initiative commences with a complete overhaul of St. Paul between Main & Maple -- bringing new sidewalks, a new street, underground utilities, stormwater upgrades and a unified and beautified streetscape. St Paul will be one way southbound between Main & Maple from June until approximately November. The temporary parking additions on South Champlain and Pine St (east side, just south of Maple) should be posted by mid to end of month, based on ordinance. Other proposed temporary parking additions will be coming before the DPW Commission in April. You can read more about these projects at

*Colchester Ave Update* - We expect to begin mobilizing for the water main replacement project between Barrett St and Nash Pl on April 23. This work will last for approximately 4 months and will be followed by paving. The new waterline will increase reliability and capacity of our water distribution system. The new pipe will reduce the chance of water main breaks and will increase fire flow capability. Long term water quality will be improved with the new pipe. There may be scheduled, periodic disruptions to water service and residents will receive additional notification approximately 24 - 48 hours beforehand. There will be impacts to traffic and parking during this project but the contractor will be using approved traffic control measures to ensure safe driving conditions. Work typically takes place between 7 am to 5 pm. One lane two-way traffic may be implemented by the contractor between 9 am to 3 pm. You can read more about this project, and see the letter property owners have or will receive here,

*Operation Clean Sweep* - Our sweepers are already out in full force. There is a winter's worth of grime on the street, so we do appreciate your patience as our crews clean it all up! Operation Clean Sweep is scheduled for April 25-May 4. For information on your street, please see here,

As always, it is an honor being your partner in keeping Burlington an excellent place to live and work. We will be working hard for you and appreciate your patience and support. Feel free to reach out to us anytime.


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