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Plant for the People

Can we grow 100,000 pounds of food together? Register below.

Plant for the People is a new City initiative that leverages the talent of the community to help address local food insecurity, improve the foundation of our local food system, and make our community even more resilient. The pandemic and terrible economic impacts create an opportunity to use or expand your own garden to help fellow residents, while also getting outside and enjoying all the physical and mental benefits of gardening. Through this initiative, the City is encouraging all Burlingtonians to consider donating your surplus harvest from your backyard or Victory Garden to Feeding Chittenden, our local food shelf, with the City facilitating the transfer. Fresh local produce is in high demand, so your fruits and veggies will be put to good use. Our goal is to donate 100,000 pounds of locally grown food to Feeding Chittenden over the course of the growing season - that is a tall order and uncharted territory, so we need your help to put a "pepper in every pot!" Here is how it works:

  • Plant for the People: Consider signing the form below to join the effort and let us know what extra fruits or veggies you might have from your garden to donate to Feeding Chittenden this year - just the plant types, no need to estimate amounts or additional details. This just gives us a sense of how many people will participate - and to get 100,000 pounds from Burlington's backyard gardens, we'll need a lot of people to help. Tell your neighbors!
  • Pick up a Free Start to Supplement Your Garden: The City has formed a partnership with Red Wagon Plants of Hinesburg, which is generously providing discounts on many seedling starts and donations on others. We will be distributing these seedling starts for free to Burlingtonians who want them at distribution sites -- starting on Friday, May 22, details below -- as well as providing them through other channels throughout the community to those with less access to garden options. These starts can supplement what you are already planning to plant, and we ask that people limit themselves to one or two free starts so we can get more people involved.
  • Grab a Sign: We'll be passing out signs to put in your front yard or window to help spread the word about Plant for the People and help put "a pepper in every pot." We're in this together, and these little signs can help build interest and a sense of community.
  • Share Your Extra Produce: Later in the season, the City will collect any overflow produce from Burlingtonians' backyard and Victory Gardens or community garden plots at set TBD drop-off points. The City will take responsibility for cleaning and transferring the produce to Feeding Chittenden. 
  • Share Your Knowledge: Through the Resource and Recovery Center, we are going to help connect residents who have skill as gardeners with Burlingtonians who are new to gardening and have questions. More information will be posted on this soon, but let us know on the form below if you would be willing to share your knowledge with an aspiring fellow gardener over the phone.
  • Questions? Contact the RRC at 802-755-7239 or Thank you for considering this.

Let's Get Growing

As we plan for how to collect and transfer fresh produce to Feeding Chittenden, please take a moment to register by completing the form below. We will contact you regarding pickup times and locations as the summer nears.

Go ahead and start planting - that snow is almost off the mountains - and this year, think about adding a row, or a bed, or a Victory Garden with the goal of donating this extra produce!

If you want a free plant or two to help you get started, we have the following scheduled plant give-aways planned (and more to follow in June). Once you get your plants, please return to register here as well.

Distribution Locations

  • Biben’s Ace Hardware, 1127 North Avenue
  • BCA Studios, 405 Pine Street
  • Brixton’s Halaal Market, 184 North Street
  • Nepali Market, 1563 North Avenue
  • Mawuhi African Market, 160 N. Winooski Avenue

Distribution Dates and Times

  • Friday, May 22, 4 to 6pm
    • Plant varieties such as lettuces, cabbage, brussel sprouts, kale, swiss chard, beets and seed potatoes. All plants locally grown at Red Wagon Plants
    • Friday, June 5, 4 to 6pm
      • Plant varieties such as tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and squashes. All plants locally grown at Red Wagon Plants.
    • Friday, August 14, 4 to 6pm
      • Plants to include fall and late summer crops, TBD.

    Special Event

    • Friday, May 29, 10am to 2pm at Burlington High School
      • This event is CVOEO’s long-running and successful Garden Day. Please note the new location – better able to accommodate social distancing.
      • CVOEO Garden Day is a 3SquaresVT promotion, so everyone receives information on 3SVT, Crop Cash, and Farm to Family Coupons, which get distributed as of July 1st each year.

    Share Your Story

    Share your garden photos, videos, stories, tips and tricks online with #Plant4People.

    Check back here for more information and collection dates.


    We just need a rough idea of what plant types you’ll plant, like, “tomatoes and peppers.”